Okay, so I know the blog is supposed to be under construction until next week (and trust me I am working so hard for all of you on this) but this news was just too big not to share!!

I woke up at 6am this fine Christmas morning to Gunner wining to go out.  I let him out and sniffed the cool frost air of the East Coast, truly nothing like being home.  As I begin to get cold in my festive pajamas, I call Gunner to go back inside.  Once there, we proceed to do the usual, cuddle up in bed and perform the blogging checks; email, bloglovin, twitter, Pinterest, etc.  If you remember the first break a while back, I explained I was so busy with writing guest posts and features that the blog took a standstill.  Well this morning as I opened my email, I finally saw the one I’ve been waiting for; from myblackmatters.com. This is a website featuring guest posts from African American (females mostly) that write and share their experiences on being a person of color.  A few months ago they reached out to bloggers and asked if anyone wanted to pitch their guest post to possibly be featured.  I thought what the heck why not?!? I pitched and it was accepted!! After weeks/ months of working with my assigned “editor” I am happy to announce the post is finally up on the website!! Can you imagine me breaking out in my happy dance with Gunner barking along? Because that’s what it looked like.

please excuse the junky time capsule of a place I call a room at my parents house, gotta love memories… and Tweety Bird ha ha .

Now many of you that do take the read, will notice it starts out with parts that are all to familiar to us from Dear Amy.  Since this post received so much love and acceptance when posted on here I decided to edit it and add even more great content to it (as if Amy didn’t give it enough spunk!).  I am so ecstatic for my first published piece I just can’t even contain it!! So if you would please please please do me and the blog the honors of sharing, liking, posting, tweeting EVERYTHING, it would be VERY appreciated.  All you have to do is hit the link below to read and at the very bottom of the article is all the share buttons.  Thank you guys so much again. I hope Santa has been just as good to you guys today as he has been to me!

See ya!

p.s. Happy first Christmas from Gunner! Don’t forget to follow along on social media to catch all his pictures!

link to post: http://wp.me/p6jt34-1cY