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Redefining My Motherhood (and my awesome blog)

Whew, it has been a while.

Hi mama.  How have you been?

Me? I’ve been spending some time thinking of redefining my motherhood journey.

Yesterday I sent a blog post to a mama that was talking about pregnancy and how she felt a little disconnected from the bump and I sent her my blog post where I talked about my exact same feelings with that situation.

After I sent her that blog post I went down the rabbit hole and looked at a bunch of old posts.

And it hit me, somewhere along this way I stopped writing for me.

I started writing for the algorithm, for SEO, to have a viral post, etc.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t me. I had to start redefining my motherhood.

redefining my motherhood motheringthemama

But isn’t that a lot like motherhood?

You’re just living your life. Then you have a kid and then somewhere along the way you stop living for you.  You start living for your kid, or your spouse, or your mom group who says how you should do things.

It isn’t you.

My Realization

When I started this blog, Between the Gold for you veterans here, I started it as an outlet.  For me to talk about my life and the things I was experiencing in college.

Then I became a mom.  But the motto never changed. 

This blog was supposed to be an outlet for my motherhood.  Where I wrote about the highs and the lows and everything in between.

Where I could come back months later and relive some of my favorite moments like taking Tater on his first flight.

Through my journey of writing I connected with so many other mamas who started sharing that they felt the same and they related to the stories I told. Both on this blog and Instagram.

But never was this supposed to be where I changed this blog into writing for those women and their needs.

This was about me and my needs and just secondarily helping others.

Sometimes, we need a little reminder to get us back on point.

To help us remember the vision. And here’s to redefining my motherhood, and this blog!

motheringthemama redefining my motherhood

Activity Time

Do this activity with me.

Think back to before you actually became a mom.

Think about what you envisioned your motherhood to be like.

Were you going to be the fun and sporty mom who went to all her kids sports games?

Were you going to be the nature loving mama who hiked every weekend?

Were you the corporate mama, who stayed up late chasing her dreams so she could one day show her daughter what it meant for a woman to succeed in a man’s world?

Or did yourself as the stay at home mom who cut every peanut butter sandwich into stars and served it promptly at 12 pm right before a perfectly scheduled nap?

Whatever your motherhood vision was, I want you to get it in your head and think about it.

Now I want you to look at your motherhood from the past week..

Did you perform like the mom you envisioned you would be?

For me, I always envisioned I would be a super loving mom, who attended all sports games and recitals but still dropped her kid to their grandparents on Saturday so I could go to happy hour with the girls. 

I envisioned getting my kid up Monday through Friday for school but once the summer hit I traveled; hard.  Both with and without my kid.

My motherhood isn’t too far from what I thought it would be, but this summer I took a step into redefining my motherhood vision. We will definitely talk about that more later.

For now, just know it’s never too late to reset.

Reset your motherhood journey, your career, your house, your relationships.

You can always restart.

Get your vision in your head and then plan a life according to it.

You are in control of creating the life you desire.

You got this.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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