Have you ever made a list?  I mean we all make lists, but I’m talking about a really good list.  Like one that your just like darn!  Everything on here is great and totally attainable.  Okay good, so we’re on the same page.  Now, have you ever started crossing things off on that list?  Remember that feeling of how accomplished you felt? Well that’s how my year started off.  Barely two months into the year, and I have already begun crossing things off the New Years bucket list.  Talk about accomplished!!
When I was younger I traveled around Europe.  At the time I was only 11 years old.  Not understanding how big of a deal it was, I sometimes would mention it nonchalantly in conversations.  But now being an adult with the world at my disposal I understand just how big of a deal traveling out the country is.  In the past week I traveled with a long time girlfriend and a few of her family members to Cuba.  Yes, had to get in before they cut us off.  This little government issued document means the world to me. The little booklet is a key to the world.  Allowing me to experience new cultures and learn about the world in which I am in.  So aka, if you do not have a passport get one; you are literally missing the world. 
This weeks motivation is about putting your mind to something and getting it done.  Create that list!    And begin to check things off one by one.  Don’t stress about how long it may take or what to even put on there.  But most importantly nothing is out of reach, put everything wild and crazy you have ever wanted on there.  You never know what could happen!

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Aysia B.