Today’s the day. The Monday after the 6 week mark. Today’s the day to start my “post baby snap back”. But how do I start? Let’s be honest the only exercise I did for the past 9 months was getting up to the cabinet to shove more snacks in my mouth. Aside from the occasional yoga in my last trimester, my fitness life was slim to none.  So how do I trust my body to do all that I need it to do now that it has finished housing this beautiful baby boy? After it has been cut open and had a temporary new exit point created? After it is at the heaviest point it’s ever been in my life and with a lot more stripes then it started with? 

I’d imagine this is how the guys feel. You get a season ending injury with ample months off and then when it’s time, your expected to have your body perform the same as it did before. In short, I’m scared. 

Scared to take that first crunch, lap or stretch. Scared to have my incision pop back open. But most of all, I’m scared to fail. Scared to dedicate time and energy to exercise and then not move any closer to my pre-baby body. 

But, if you don’t try you’ve already failed. So how am I combatting this fear? 
  • Working on my mindset. It’s easy to focus on the negative. What my body can’t do; what it doesn’t look like; why its not just snapping back; etc. Lately I have been (trying) to focus on the positives. Appreciating my body for all it has done for me these past 9 months. That change in mindset takes me to my next step.
  • Be patient and take it slow. Remember the tortoise and the hare? Well I’m moving like the tortoise. I’m trying not to rush to that pre baby weight. As long as I work like I need to it will come in due time. 
  • Researching the right workouts. While taking it slow I want to be sure I’m completing the right kind of workouts. Ones that connect with my needed target areas but doesn’t put too much strain on my incision or abdominal area. I was given strict directions by my midwife not to do any weight lifting until Tot is 6 months. So many of the workouts I am researching include cardio and weight-less strengthening. 
  • Including baby! Now working out is definitely supposed to be “mommy only” time, but sometimes that’s just not an option. That’s why another thing I’ve been looking into is workouts to include baby boy. Which is why i’m super happy with today’s workout from Fit Pregnancy.  It has 8 simple workouts to do with baby that allows us to bond and me to workout at the same time! 

The hardest part of working out for me has always been the start. But this time around I have a little different motivation. So here I am starting again but with 15 extra pounds, more scars, and a beautiful new baby boy.

See ya! 

Aysia B.