I remember when that old bald guy named Jerry Kill called me during thanksgiving break 4 years ago.  He was the first college football coach to give me an opportunity to do what it is that I love. I committed to come play at the University of Minnesota, merely off the strength that a big ten head coach called me and offered me a scholarship to play.

At the time of commitment, I knew nothing about Minnesota.  I hadn’t seen the campus yet, met my position coach, other players, and yet I still knew that was where I wanted to be. 4 years later, as I look back on my career I wouldn’t change a single thing. What’s great about the game of football is it’s equivalent to the game of life.  Adversity comes, and you have to make the decision of what it is you’re going to do.  Are you going to make excuses and give in, or are you going to accept it and keep moving. Just like life.  When you’re thrown a curveball like your father just passed away or you just got fired from your job, it comes down to the decisions you’re going to make after that.  I bleed maroon and gold (not burgundy and yellow as my mom says all the time) and I will forever.  In addition to becoming a good football player, Minnesota has taught me how to be a great teammate, lean on those you can trust, and handle adversity.  I’ve given my all to the state of Minnesota and to my teammates, coaches, advisors, assistants, nutritionists, trainers, equipment staff, and once again teammates.  Now I’m patiently waiting to figure out if this journey is complete or if it will continue another round.

Briean Boddy- Calhoun

P.S. My apologies to all the Aysians (that’s what I call her regular blog readers out there) for my extremely long post.