Though it felt like it would never come it’s here… the last 2 weeks before Briean comes home!! The lonely nights, FaceTime conversations, and all day updating texts are soon coming to a slow hault and I couldn’t be more happier.  But no separation time would be complete without a visit! 

There are only a few times in our lives that I am truly amazed in all that is going on around us:  me passing my NCLEX at such a young age, Briean getting so many interceptions, him being selected for big ten media, etc. Going out to California, seeing how the boys were living and how hard they were working day in and day out was one of the times I was truly amazed. It also didn’t hurt that they were in such a beautiful state!
I have never personally been to the west coast; dropping Briean off to his junior college in Kansas is probably the furthest over I’ve ever been. But Cali…that place is truly amazing. The saying that Californians live in their own world is so true, being in Santa Anna felt like I was on an entirely different universe. The palm trees, constant warm weather, REAL beaches (and no my fellow Minnesotans your lakes do not count as beaches), high fashioned living, fast cars- I mean really I could go on forever. In short, I loved California. I always said I could never see myself living in a year round warm climate, but California has definitely changed my perception on that. Even though my trip was full of leisure and fun, I know that in the end Briean was there for work. So even though we spent most of the time site seeing, going to the beach and shopping, on my last day it was definitely time to get back to work and we spent all day at the field while Briean trained. 

California was so amazing and though I could spend all year out there it’s about time for our life in Minnesota to continue. As we wait to see what is next on this journey we soon return to the cold and beautiful winters of the place we now call home. But don’t worry Cali… we will definitely be back!