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Organizing my Desk for the New Year

We all know the first week of 2022 is like a trial period.

We all have the best ideas, visions and plans in life, but by the second week, we all start to get a little more practical. And for me that practical step is starting with organizing my desk for the New Year.

organizing my new year

And this is not to say that we completely change our ideas or plans, but instead it’s to say that we’re more practical in the steps we actually have to take to get there.

Instead of just saying “I’m going to work out”, we start to add in the dates and times in our planners.

Instead of just saying “I want to wake up earlier” we start to train and prep our lives to actually begin waking up to those earlier alarms.

In short, we start to get real real on those action steps to our goals.

One of my goals for the New Year was to get more organized and create routines.

I know that to start this, for myself, is to begin at the simple things and that is decluttering and organizing small areas.

Running a business, a lot of my time has me sitting at my desk behind my computer (which was totally my Christmas gift to myself, let me tell ya, I still absolutely love it!!). But because I spend a lot of time here, I wanted to begin organizing my desk for the New Year, to put me in a position of success.

Here were some of my steps.

organize my desk

Getting rid of things I didn’t need

Since a desk is like the hub of an office, i’ve noticed a lot of times things just get thrown on there. From excess papers, to stationery trash, to the abundance of household pens- it can really pile up.

So the first thing I did was take a good account of the things I didn’t need, and that included looking inside the dreaded messy drawers.

This step allowed me to create the space and real estate for organization to take place.

Decide on the things I did need

Just the opposite, in addition to the things I didn’t need, there were plenty of things I did absolutely need.

Some of those things being like- my calendar (I love desk calendars and Target always has the best $1-$3 ones right in the bullseye section at the beginning of the year), my loved pens, my Capri Blue candle (because why would I own another candle), my computer and that was about it.

Find out my Best Work Flow

It was almost time for organizing, but first I knew I needed to figure out what my workflow is.

I have read and watched other desk organization gurus talk about the best way to organize your desk is to figure out how you want it to first work for you.

Well for me, like most things in my life, it comes down to simplicity. I want to simply be able to reach the things I need at all times.

I want to be able to grab my pen quickly when I’m on a call and need to jot something down.
I want to quickly know what my week looks like at a glance when trying to plan my next meeting.
And I need the things on my dashboard (on my computer) to function the same by quickly telling me the things I needed to know.

This step was crucial to me organizing my desk for the New Year

desk organization
desk organization

Organization Time

Finally, it’s time to actually get into organizing my desk for the New Year

After completing my steps above, this was the easiest step.

It was simply putting things where they needed to be.

And really, only you can tell you what that looks like for this part.

As the year progresses I’m sure I would have changed things around some as my workflow changes. But for now, this set up works.

And what matters the most, is knocking out those 2022 goals, HEAD ON.

Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B.

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