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Optimizing on my Self Care in My Season of Being Stretched Thin

If it’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s how to operate in seasons of being stretched thin.

But are we operating at maximal performance under this stretching?

It’s inevitable.

We have seasons in our life that require us to use almost all of us.

All of our mental health, emotional health and sometimes all our actual physical health.

In these moments of being stretched thin, it’s imperative to take care of yourself.

After all, it all starts with you.


For me, I’m currently in this stretching season.

And it feels rough.

Recently started a challenge that’s got me blogging every day (slowly but surely I’m losing it on this one haha), currently enrolled in an entrepreneur class at Cornell University, future enrollment for school at George Washington University, being a mama, and so many more things on the list.

So yea, safe to say I’m being stretched.

But if you know me prioritizing my self care is always my cheat code to leveling the playing field.

How I’m Using Self Care

Here’s what I’ve been doing;

  • Understanding I can’t do it all. And this is the reality. No matter how many hours I have in the day, how much “hard work” I put in; everything just won’t get done. And that’s okay. Next point.
  • Giving myself grace. Once I understand something won’t get done it’s not super easy to not beat myself up about. I think about it constantly to decide if that was actually the right decision and that thinking can go on for hours. By giving myself grace I’m able to release that over thinking and understand I’m just human.
  • Adding more self care moments in the day. Just like a muscle in your body, when you stretch or use it more you need to dedicate more attention and time to caring for it after. So if you’re in a season of constant stress and pull, it’s okay to care for you a little more than usual. Add regular naps into your day, some routine wine at night, whatever makes you happy- add more of it. Your body and mind will thank you!

It’s a tough space we’re all in right now and we’re all just trying to keep our head down and keep moving forward.

With 6 more months in the year, you have the power to change your outlook on it.

Don’t allow the stretching season you’re feeling right now steal your joy; self care instead!

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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