As I sit here on this snowy Friday, I reflect back to how things were. This time last year we were planning our first vacation together. The only plans we had involved sipping margaritas, jet skis, partying and multiple spa trips. The plans now consist of diapers, feeding schedules and sleep times. Not that I regret it at all, but it’s crazy how things can change in just a year.

Everyone talks about how great having an off season baby is. Having daddy present for the birth and home after is what sells them. But what everyone forgets to tell you is that having a winter baby slightly feels like house arrest. Between the cold weather and increase in illnesses no one wants to take their baby out the house. 

So for someone like me who loves to move and run, this is especially hard. I want out the house! I mean we went to the mall the other day and I was so excited to get out the house you would have thought we were going on a real trip. 

But this house arrest bid isn’t the worst thing in the world. I mean there are definitely some positives:

  • I got to wear the same maternity sweats for like 2 weeks straight.  Yes- they’d been washed. 
  • Me & Tate are definitely beginning to connect. His feeding cues, sleep cues, and cuddle cues are starting to become a second language to me. 
  • There are so many shows on tv. I rarely watch tv on the regular but lately? I’ve been getting my full dose of trashy reality tv and then some. 
  • Looking forward to starting a new hobby! 

The most important part of staying in the house with baby are having the right tools to assist you with your sanity. Being that Tot is so new we are still experimenting to find products he loves. So do me a favor share your favorite “baby chillin” products with me!

In the mean time I’ll be adding bath bombs, home facials and a new hobby to my list of “mommy chillin” products. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.