There are many times in life when you have to leave what you know and set out on a new journey. In your mind you have this idea of the way you want that journey to progress. You plan out living arrangements, job, trips, etc. But as the saying goes, “tell God your plans and he’ll laugh”.  

The football life is no different. In terms of your senior year you have an idea of the way you want it to progress and the way that you want things to go as soon as that year ends. Briean’s post college football mostly all went as planned… except one tiny (massively large) detail. At times when things don’t go as planned it’s so easy to freak out or stress. The easiest way we know how to reverse that is to let go and let God. Know that the plan you created in your head is truly no greater than what He already has in store. 

But while you wait and keep the faith you waiver, and you debate with yourself and can go insane with your thoughts. This change of course and increased stress can be detrimental to our health. So from “nurse Aysia” here are some stress relievers to try:
1. Do something you love. For me that is video games. To me the focus being put on something electronic literally takes me out of my head space and into the virtual world (yes I’m weird in that way).  
2. Get a massage! When I got my first massage the masseuse told me that she could feel all the stress in my neck, and trust me I didn’t doubt her.  After the massage I felt so rejuvenated like I could conquer the world! 
3. Take nap. To be honest does this one even need an explanation? 
4. Go workout. When I’m upset or stressed as stated in Good for the Soul, I work out . I find that in those times I push my self to heights unimaginable and release so much.  
5. Yoga/ Take a walk/ go outside. The reason why I group these together is because they kind of have the same effects. In yoga they teach you to focus on yourself, breathing and to become aware of the space around you. Focusing on nature is honestly one of the greatest ways to make your problems feel so small. You realize how large the world is and the great things happening that it naturally makes you so minute to those things.

Just as any tough time, it takes time to fully accept the situation. So when your next plan and God’s doesn’t coincide remember, focus on what you can control and use some techniques to let go of the things you cannot.