Football is one of the toughest sports. Hard hits, late hits, illegal hits, helmet on helmet, etc. It’s a part of the game. Getting banged up- a not so fun part of the game.  2 years ago Briean tore his left knee almost completely. That time period was the hardest time during our 7 years. There were blows everywhere; emotionally, physically and mentally. After the injury he came back better than ever! Faster, stronger and even greater thankfully. He was beyond thankful to me, his coaching staff, conditioning coaches, trainers, etc. During that time it was important that I held myself strong. At a time that he was at his lowest and was dealing with things unimaginable it was up to me to keep the spirits in the house up. It was up to me to realize some things taken out on me emotionally wasn’t meant for me but for the injury.  Being in a relationship means sometimes being up when the other person is down.  This means sometimes being the strong one at that time period.  No matter which role is being played by who it is important to remember that a relationship makes you a team.  And just like on a football team when injuries occur, you don’t give up in that teammate you push them harder.  Push your significant other to heights you can’t imagine and watch them land among the stars.