Okay it’s the New Year… and yes this is one of those New Year new me posts. (Come on guys I couldn’t help it!).  This past year has been a whirlwind of up, downs, high, lows, fun, laugh, joy, and sadness… just everything.  I am so happy to be able to take some of it in the New Year with me and continue to build.  But trust I am also equally happy to forget some and leave it behind.   From what I’ve seen on social media my year couldn’t have possibly been as bad as everyone else’s has made there’s seem.  So I figured it just needed a little tweaking here and there.

Each year people come out with a “New Year’s resolution” that they swear they will stick to.  I always tell myself I’m going to come up with one but let’s be real, I KNOW I don’t stick with things long enough. So instead of creating a resolution I thought I’d do a 2017 life bucket list.  With a mixture of goals, aspirations, dreams, and far-fetched ideas, the list came to a whopping 10 (don’t worry I kept the list short for ya).  Now in following one of my favorite sayings; “tell God your plans and He’ll laugh”, this list is very temporary.  There is plenty of room to add, delete and substitute as life sees fit.  I am so excited and motivated to share this year with you guys and look forward to taking you along on my journey throughout.  I pray that all of our 2017 is blessed with such happiness and joy.   

Bucket List 2017
  1. Travel out of the country (x3)
  2. Be an official, constant “part-time blogger”
  3. Get a new car
  4. Learn a new skill
  5. Reach my goal amount in savings
  6. Attend a blogging conference
  7. Reach my fitness goal
  8. Increase my blog subscribers 
  9. Travel for a blog piece/ work
  10. Change my wardrobe
  11. Create my own office space
  12. Go on spontaneous adventure
  13. Do and have a blogging guest feature 
  14. Redefine what it means to be me
  15. Wake up early on off days
  16. Actually complete this bucket list