Okay so if you read my last post What’s that Foreign Word you learned about my recent insomnia with Briean being gone. I mean aside from the lack of sleep, just being at home alone with him busy training for the NFL day in & day out leaves me pretty bored after my work day.  Yes we talk but not all day and yes we Face Time but again not all day. Football is pretty much at the forefront right now and I get that I’m just grateful he doesn’t make me feel too far behind.  One thing that is definitely a favorite is Netflix. I mean really the person who gave us the ability to sit home in one spot all day and watch episodes on episodes of TV series is literally a genius.

So in order to keep myself from insanity I have started watching a couple Netflix movies and series. Here are my top favorites:

1. Law and Order SVU- So I am a Criminal Minds girl. Love it to death and watch reruns over and over but lately Law & Order has captured my heart and I have watched tons of episodes since January.
2. The Emporer’s New Groove- Yes the cartoon movie. It’s not like I haven’t seen it before but for some reason I have watched this for about 6 nights in a row before falling asleep.
3. Criminal Minds- Of course I had to get a few episodes of my show in.
4. HGTV- Anybody that knows me knows I have an addiction to HGTV, like really bad. So yes, I watch reruns on Netflix. 
5. Nurse Jackie- Of course being a nurse, it’s in my blood to watch at least ONE medical show a week. I recently started this after hearing about it from a fellow nurse at my job. Not quite too far into the series but starting to like it a bit. 
Now of course Netflix can only keep you company so much before you realize talking back to your TV does not count as talking to a real person. Thankfully Eric Murray who was the other half of the DB tandem this year was also completing training during the same time period. This meaning his girlfriend Brandi is over weekly for sleep overs.  Thankfully that was enough to keep me from progressing from talking to the TV to talking to myself. Gotta love some good ‘ol girl time.