Happy National Rare Disease Day!! Today is dedicated to celebrating those that live with rare diseases.  As a nurse I am constantly encountered with patient’s suffering from things that are either incurable or extremely difficult to treat.  Those patients are usually in our facilities for longer periods.  During that time they are away from family, friends and their normal routines for sometimes months at a time.  As a nurse that to me screams patient advocacy.  For those patients I make it my duty to provide a environment that facilitates positive health as well as comfort.  Because as we all know, happiness plays a large part in how we feel physically.  

At the beginning of the year the Bucket List was created.  And as the year progresses things are beginning to get checked off one by one.  This time its guest posting!! In honor of National Rare Disease Day we are having our first guest post from Rima. She will share her story about living with Cystic Fibrosis and not allowing her disease to speak for her.  I am so excited to have the first guest post and think Ms. Rima could not be even more perfect!  Stay tuned for tomorrows guest post!