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My 5 Simple MUST-HAVE Breastfeeding Products

If you’re reading this then you’re probably a new mama beginning to breastfeed or a pregnant mama gaining knowledge on breastfeeding.

Either way, you’re in the right place to learn about must-have breastfeeding products.

Many articles that talk about breastfeeding tell you everything about the actual act of breastfeeding: how to hold baby, calories/ water intake while breastfeeding, or just their general stories on their specific breastfeeding journey.

But breastfeeding is so much more than the physical act of baby to breast. Your environment in which you feed is equally as important.

mtm breastfeeding products

must-have breastfeeding products

Breastfeeding Environment

As a nurse that has assisted in many lactation nurse sessions, I can tell you that against popular belief, you control a lot on how and when your milk comes out while feeding.

One of the key factors in this, is your emotional state. Easy way to control this? Control the environment you put yourself in.

Let’s look at two scenarios.


The first, a new mother (obviously already highly tense), attempting to breastfeed in the nursery.  There is no chair so mama is trying to prop herself up between the headboard and a few pillows.  She is constantly having to reach far for her phone, for her water (if she remembers to bring it) and her blanket as she gets cold. She then begins to get bored and is wishing the baby hurries up and feeds so she can get to other things she needs to do.  In the end both mama and baby are stressed and frustrated and the session only lasts barely 10 minutes split between both breasts.

Moving into scenario two.  We are still with a new mama (still stressed) who is attempting to breastfeed in her nursery.  She is in her supportive rocking chair that has two elbow rests so she is easily able to balance baby on her arms as well as the boppy she has wonderfully placed around her waist. She has a side table in which her essential oils are diffusing, her phone is easily accessible, a blanket is nearby for the moments she gets cold.  On this table, she also has a book to read, an adult coloring book and her favorite playlist is already downloaded and ready to go.  This mama nurses with her baby a total of 15 minutes on each breast and both her and the baby are elated with their nursing session and even spend an extra few moments cuddling at the end of it.


It would be almost ridiculous to ask you which nursing session you would prefer, but for the sake of this post:

Which session would you prefer?


Me, I definitely am choosing to go with session two.

Which honestly, looked a lot like how my nursing sessions went.

The key difference between the two?

The mama’s environment.

So, let’s talk about creating the perfect environment.

mtm breastfeeding product must haves

Must-Have Breastfeeding Products

Aside from being a mom, I am known for leaving things I need behind for an activity.  I could not have that happening during my nursing session.  Everything needed to be as seamless as possible.

Here were my must-have breastfeeding products from my 15 month journey:

  1. My brest friend. Okay I’m going to be honest this is very close to my favorite breastfeeding product.  This is different from a boppy in the sense of it is like a hard pillow.  Having a c-section, this was beyond a must-have breastfeeding product because I wasn’t able to lean over or support holding him as well.  I was able to sometimes feed handsfree because of how well this “boppy like” product held him up.
  2. Playlist. I am a music lover. I get through many things in life like workouts, long drives and more with a great playlist. Nursing was going to be no different.
  3. Podcasts. Another listening fav. These new means of learning have been a complete fad of mine lately. My favorites would have to be Powerhouse Women, Mattie James and Transformation Church.
  4. Good book. During breastfeeding my favorite book was a murder mystery but currently my favs that I would recommend are Atomic Habits by James Clear, Girl Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis and You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.
  5. Good Company. Another top favorite is good company. Nothing makes the time fly by like great conversation with good company. Grab your spouse/ partner, girlfriends or siblings and explain how much you would enjoy their (pleasurable) company while you feed your baby!


As a mama we have never been short in the resource department; it’s time to use some of it for your nursing sessions too.

You don’t have to struggle with breastfeeding mama, use these must-have breastfeeding products and create the nursing environment you desire.

Take care if you too mama,

Aysia B.

baby product must-haves

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