If you’re a mom and tights aren’t a part of your weekly attire then are you really even a mom?
If my mom heard me say that just now she would laugh.
Ever since I left college tights have become a main piece of my wardrobe.  And once I became a mom they became a staple.
In college it was less likely I would ever be found in public with tights but now in full blown mommy mode it’s quite the opposite.  If you ever see me in public with jeans, just understand I truly had somewhere to go.
When going shopping for clothes it’s usually simple for me.
T-shirts, tights and always have to have nice sneakers around.

But at some point my “casual attire” has changed.

Before it was quite normal for me to leave a store with a crop top, short shorts and other “revealing” clothing threads.  But since I have become a mom it has felt that the stigma of the world is that “mom’s can’t wear that”.
What does that even mean?
Moms can’t wear that.
Once you become a mom society seems to put so many additional labels to motherhood. 
What you can wear, where you can go, what you can do, etc. When in reality, you can do whatever you want.
Let’s say it all together:
You can do whatever you want.
Motherhood is a personal journey.
If partying is your thing, don’t let motherhood stop you.
If taking trips is your thing, don’t let motherhood stop you.

And if you love a crop top mama, don’t let motherhood stop that.



Being a mom is one of the greatest joys of my life but I’m sure people have heard me say it plenty times before, I wasn’t going to let it change who I was at the core.

Between frequent travels, my breastfeeding journey and my self care indulgence I was determined to redefine motherhood to fit ME and definitely not the other way around.


Motherhood is the starting point of a new journey and that does not have to mean an ending to another one.
Don’t be afraid to treat it as such mama.
And remember,
Take care of you too,

Aysia B.