As parents we all fear that dreaded moment when our kids get sick. No matter how much hand sanitizer, wipes or other prevention methods we may try the inevitable always happens. Well in my household it was beginning to look like it happened just a little more.
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From the time Tate was about 3-8 months old it felt like he caught a cold every 5 days. Runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, fever, chills; the list felt endless on the symptoms he experienced. What was worse than the symptoms was the way it affected his sleep. I mean y’all know, my baby don’t sleep- PERIOD. But with a cold, the every 2 hour stretches quickly can turn to 30 minutes stretches in a heartbeat. Talk about one tired mama. In times like this it’s so important to have a trusty retailer to turn to, and Walgreens has been that for us countless times.

Tate’s first true sickness hit me hard. Even with being a nurse, when it came to my child I was a wreck. Relying on a trusted family physician I texted and called countless times asking multiple questions. Her top advice was to turn to the #1 Pediatrician trusted brand, TYLENOL®. She reminded me that the dye free liquid suspension was the best thing to keep on hand during this time.

Being that I tend to have the worst luck ever, on the second night of fevers we ran out of medicine around 12am.  Thanks to Walgreens 24 hour promise to be there when you need them, I was able to pop right on over and grab more before his last dose was out of his system. All without missing a beat.  Being that Walgreens is the only retailer to sell all 7 flavors, of TYLENOL® I had plenty of choices to choose from.  What was even better was the way the staff paid attention to not only me but to Tate as well during our entire visit. The staff was attentive and assisted to my needs all while being timely and precise.  And, now through 12/15 with your Walgreens card, you can purchase TYLENOL® Children’s or Infant Pain & Fever Relief products for $6.99 (.5 oz, 4 oz. and 24 ct.).

In addition to TYLENOL® some of our other favorite items to keep on hand are:
– tissues
– thermometer
– bulb nasal aspirator
– lots of cuddles

Okay, so the last one is more for me but hey, I’m sure it’s high on this little Tot’s list too.  Lately I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed against any illnesses especially since winter has fully hit. But if any cold does arise, I know which retailer I will be turning to.  Head to Walgreens today for your amazing in store experience and be sure to get in on that great deal on TYLENOL®!

See ya!
Aysia B.

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