Wow we’re halfway through the summer and I am just getting around to this post.  If I just use the excuse that we are actually living the most epic summer ever is it believable? In actuality we have been so very busy this summer it’s almost unbelievable.  Between Tate and I, I think we have traveled to at least 4-5 different states already.  But hey, that’s what summers are for right?!

photos by: @shotbyjosh

One of the hardest things about summer now, is that Tate is getting older and everyone wants a piece of him. His dad, grandmothers, cousins, everyone!  So splitting up the summer fun is a must.  But you know mama has to always get a piece of her baby too.

Two months into summer and my little Tot is already three shades darker, I have brought one new pair of sandals and my car has been to the beach twice now… summer is officially in full effect.  So without further ado here is our epic summer bucket list for Summer 2019:

  1. Beach trip
  2. Staycation
  3. Amusement Park
  4. Carnival
  5. Gymboree outside play day
  6. YMCA outdoor pool
  7. Mommy and me cookout
  8. Backyard pool and sprinkler
  9. Zoo
  10. Water balloon fight (I know this sounds like a lot for a toddler, but my sons in a throwing stage, this is right up his alley)

photos by: @shotbyjosh
No, this list is not all-inclusive and we all know the best summer days are things that totally happen on accident.  But here’s a list to get you started! 
What do you have planned for the summer?

Take care of you too Mama,
Aysia B.

p.s. stay tuned next week for my mama self care summer list! (it is definitely needed after this toddler list of fun)

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