Happy 2020! This is officially the first post of the decade. 

I can’t believe we’re in a new year let alone a new decade! Doesn’t that sound crazy to say? 

The 2010 decade has been amazing but if I can say now the 2020 decade already feels different. And I think the reason is because it feels like the year of the parent. What I mean by that, is that this is the decade that I truly focus on motherhood and parenting.

Prior to this decade, Tater was a baby.  Now, we have officially hit age 2 and I have to say, up until now motherhood has felt pretty straight forward. But these terrific/ terrible/ out of control/ world wind of two’s is a whole different ball game. There are so many moments out of the day where I feel my motherhood card attacked. 

Temper tantrum. Well mom can you calm me down?

Not eating. Well mom how creative can you get with mealtime?

Bedtime fight. Well mom, who falls asleep first? 

Honestly it’s a bit tiring. But it’s the start of a new decade and that means the start of new things. 

Up until now I haven’t had to include anyone else in my goal planning. If you’ve followed me on social media. That meaning Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, then you know I have plenty of business and professional goals. But what I haven’t shared yet was my parenting goals. 

One thing that is important to me is patience. 

Trust me mama I know, that sounds like a curse to some of us. 

Between constant “mommy” calls, requests for toy help and demands for food it’s hard to be patient and always stay calm. 

That’s why one of the biggest things I found to help me during motherhood was my “mommy time”. During these mom craze moments I use calming moments, self massages or any type of other relaxation techniques to regather myself and the situation. 

Continuing to use these techniques and further expanding my knowledge is a critical part to my 2020 motherhood goal.

What’s your goal for the year mama? How do you plan on achieving it? 

Regardless of what the goal may be, remember to always…

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B. 

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