EEKK!! It is moving week!!! I know I know.  Big secrets here, but we are indeed doing just that- moving.

This is now the second move I have made from one state to another but this time with a little extra cargo in place.  Most of that including Gunner.  Anyone who has moved before knows how hard it can be.  Well it’s double that for moving out of state and a little more added difficulty when you add a pup into the mix.  We are packing up our (now larger) one bedroom apartment and towing it 12 hours from MN by car.  This is the LONGEST car ride Gunner will ever take and I am just hoping and praying he can handle it.  And between his potty breaks and mine, I hope we don’t take this trip from 12 hrs to 19. 

Being that camp is literally just around the corner, (I know what the heck when did THAT happen?!), time constraints for moving was very tight.  We literally had 3 months from the start of the decision to pack the entire house, get last minute doctor appointments in, find a new doctor in the new state, clean up the last few things in MN and so much more!  Honestly, this move was a lot more stressful than the move 5 years ago to MN.  But we were able to move right into a space for now, but then moving AGAIN to a new spot before the season.  Talk about a moving season (haha liked my play on words there?
With all the stress of planning, packing, clerical household procedures and so much more it can be so easy to skip out on meals or feel you aren’t getting the right nutrients.  That’s why I am sooo happy for these Goodie Box treats! They give me great on the go snacks that I can literally hold in one hand while I use the other to do one of the many things needing to be done for move out day. 
If you haven’t yet, go sign up for Goodie Box.  It is a FREE site that will ship you healthy snacks and treats right to your front door.  And that’s right I said F-R-E-E.  Let’s be honest when in our society is anything healthy actually free?  Well this is and all you have to do is give a short review/ video in return.  Sign up now!!
Don’t forget shower us with lucky moving dust!