At the beginning of fall camp the boys listened to a speaker who spoke all about mindsets. Explained to them that the way you think is what steers your actions. If all you think about in life is girls and the partying that’s what your life will be about. If you add more substance into your mindset and your life then you will get more out of it. 
Today I genuinely did not want to workout. Did not feel like going to the gym, did not feel like jogging, did not want to take a class. But I did not let that stop me. I changed my mindset and set out for my jog. I made it that this workout was something I HAD to do, not something I was choosing to do. I changed my mindset and told myself I DO want to work out today.  I DO want to see the results from hard work.  I DO want to make working out a habit.  And I DO want a healthier body.  Workout is something I want to be apart of my life not something I just squeeze in. So it’s a must I start the week off right. It’s a must I stick with this and find the motivation no matter where I get it from. And as usual the jog was beautiful and hey it was only a short time of my day.