I feel like it’s not said enough. 

I mean we take a little cell and create it into a living, walking and breathing human that will one day reproduce another little living, walking and breathing human. 
But, as a new mother it is so important to me that people not only see my mom cap but that they see my others accomplishments as well. That is why I am starting a feature Friday. On the first Friday of every month I will highlight an inspirational mom. One that not only wears her momma cap so well but also knows how to throw on her other caps and wear those too.  Since the Between the Gold community has grown, I figured why not use the first month (a little off schedule) to feature myself and at the same time greet my new friends! 
I am Aysia. I’m a pretty amazing mom of two. Okay really I’m average and I’m only a mom to one actual baby and a fur baby but trust, he’s just as important. I‘ve been a nurse for 2 years but since having baby boy that part of my life has come to a halt temporarily. 
Me, being a planner, I had the perfect plan set in action for December 31st. But as plans ever do change, so did mine. And on December 29, 2017 after 20 LONG hours of labor, I welcomed a beautiful baby boy by c-section. 

And it hasn’t been easy since. But honestly the best part of my day is waking up in the morning with Tate. He’s 2 months now so he’s starting to find his voice. We now have full morning conversations and I swear he’s going to say a word soon. 
Since having Tate I’ve learned the art of patience and selflessness. I have struggled significantly to balance the two.  Making sure I give enough to Tate but also keep some parts of me sacred for me. 
I’ve heard before people say when you have a child to journal for him. But I think it’s important for a mom to also journal for themselves. It’s where you can put everything that you don’t necessarily want  to put in the baby book. Blogging for me gives me that relief.

Between the Gold has been my mind baby for about 2 years now. It started for me in the crazy life of football in the NCAA/ NFL. With all the traveling, games and supporting, it was so important for me to have somewhere I could vent and express myself. And this blog is still just that. With my new cap of mommyhood and juggling that even crazier life I find my need for the blog even more. 

When people come to my blog I want them to feel reality. I want them to be able to read my posts and say “me too”. Though I miss nursing, blogging has made this temporary stay at home mom gig a little easier. I can’t wait to continue to share all my ideas, lessons learned and tons of cute pictures of my little Tot. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.

p.s. Stay tuned this week Friday for my feature on the momma socialite Mel Pillard!