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10 Mom Self Care Quotes for the First Week of School (and beyond)

We all remember the first day of school.

We had our outfits laid out the night before, we woke up extra early (probably for the first and only day of the year) and we all had the nervous feeling in the pit of our stomachs. 

As a mom of a school aged child, I can imagine not much of this is different.

You are picking outfits for yourself and your child, you have to wake up not only yourself early but now your child(ren) too and you are still having nervous feelings.

This year however, is exceptionally difficult.

It’s the year of virtual learning.

Whether you were a mama that chose this or had it chosen for you, it will be equally as hard and nerve wracking.

mom self care quotes for school

I am not a school aged mama but honestly I already know now I will be balling almost every year of Tate’s first day of school.

I mean just like birthdays, it’s another signal they’re getting older!

But even though I am not a school aged mama, I know what it’s like to step into a scary situation (sometimes one I did not choose) and be totally afraid of what the day to day is going to look like.

I know what it’s like to feel a loss of control on something you once felt so sure about.

Most importantly, just like most mothers I know what it feels like to have to “make it happen” and completely recreate a new plan.

It sucks.

The most important thing you can remember through it all is you control how you react and feel in these moments.  And for me mom self care quote come in handy most then.

mom self care quotes

Here are 10 mom self care quotes to get you through the start of the virtual school day

  1. You are stronger than your wifi
  2. Many solutions in life are created from a moment of silence and pause moments
  3. As hard as this adjustment is for you, it is equally as hard for your child.  Show grace to the both of you.
  4. There are joys in virtual learning.  Find ones that work for you and your family and live by them daily.
  5. Preparation is and always has been the key to success.
  6. Shift your mindset to prepare instead of responsive and watch how the flow of the day unfolds.
  7. You cannot pour from an empty cup so don’t try to.  Instead create small moments of joy throughout the day.
  8. Rest is okay.  It does not mean you are weak or lazy.  It means you are recharging and recovering for the next battle.
  9. You indeed CAN do this.
  10. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.  Working together as a team creates a greater outcome.  You and your kiddo are a team, you both CAN do this.

I could not imagine being a school aged parent this year.  The difficulty it will bring is truly not for the faint at heart, but then again, neither is motherhood.

I am in awe of all you will do this year and can already see you out on top mama.

In the midst of all the chaos, never forget to…

Take care of you too,

Aysia B.

mom self care quotes for school



    September 2, 2020Reply

    I love all of these! So encouraging 🙌🏾

    Mistofer Christopher

    September 3, 2020Reply

    Shift your mindset to prepare instead of responsive and watch how the flow of the day unfolds.

    So true on so many levels of life


      September 3, 2020Reply

      So true right?! not even for school but life! Wish America would work this way in entirety but that’s a diff convo lol


    September 12, 2020Reply

    Thank you for this, we need every last bit of encouragement through it all!


      September 17, 2020Reply

      I’m so happy you felt encouraged! Thanks for reading mama <3

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