When I first became a mom my feed was filled with baby pictures and more baby pictures.  Everything from his smile, to him playing with his toys, to honestly him doing nothing at all. I mean come on mom life is whipping out your phone in public to show your kids, Instagram just made it easier to show it to everyone at once!  But there were rarely any pictures of me.

Now I can say it’s because I didn’t get dressed anymore or because I just wanted to show off my baby but the truth is we all know the real reason; I was embarrassed.

Embarrassed of the way this new body would sit in pictures, the way these new breasts would take over the camera, and especially they way these new thighs would show how the thought of a “thigh gap” was long gone.

I wasn’t able to accept the new me. 

I remember when I posted the first “me” picture on, Instagram.  I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t about the setting of the picture. It wasn’t because the picture fit my aesthetic perfectly. Nor was it because of the likes I got. I loved this picture because I had finally posted a picture of ME.  All of me; large breasts, wide hips, mom bags and all. 

As I said in my heartfelt caption, becoming a new mom takes a toll on you. Not just physically but emotionally too. Not only are you given this new baby to love, but you’re given this new body to love too! And just like the new baby, it’s comes with no training or instructions. 

After posting that picture I had so many moms reach out to me via comments/ DM and tell me how they felt the same way! They say motherhood is different for each woman but I’m pretty sure we’re all experiencing quite a few of the same symptoms.

Getting to that point of loving my body took time.

It wasn’t something that happened overnight or with a few mood changes. It took a lot of mental shifts and accepting moments.  I had to realize, it was more than the clothes on my body or the color of my hair.  It was about me feeling the beauty on the inside of me and letting it show on the outside.

Here are some self affirmations I used to fall back in love with me: 

  • My skin is flawless
  • My curves are amazing
  • My triple D cups nourish my child
  • My hair is long and healthy
  • My body has the ability to create life
  • My body is healthy
  • My body is strong
  • My body is a warrior 
  • I am beautiful

    Now I know some people are a bit skeptical about affirmations. Hi mom! But they are something new I‘ve learned about and adopted since having Tate.

    Affirmations don’t have to be a chant but maybe for you they are. You don’t shout them to yourself in the mirror, maybe instead it’s a statement you say to yourself while brushing your teeth in the mirror.

    For me, I use my affirmations as more of a self- calming technique. Anytime I feel myself thinking negative thoughts like, omg your butt it huge, I quickly change it to something positive like, hey nice ass. It’s not that your lying to yourself, instead, see it as you’re always see the glass as half full and not half empty. 

    It may not seem like much at first, and it may feel down right silly, but try it and see how you feel! It can’t be worse than believing the negative thoughts about yourself am I right? 

    What are some affirmations you plan on starting today? Read through my nine above and drop me your tenth in the comments section below!

    Take care of you too mama,

    Aysia B. 

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