Christmas time is always so great. The season is spent honoring our Lord and Savior, shopping for loved ones, slaving over the stove, sitting around the table having good conversation and being around the tree opening gifts. There is a feeling of joy in the air and it is quite blissful. This year however it didn’t feel quite the same feeling in the air. Everywhere I looked people were saying they did not feel the “Chrsitmas Spirit” or was not in the mood to celebrate. In our tiny apartment the Scrooge bug has bitten as well. For the first time since living here we did not put up a tree. With all the impending changes happening in our lives  there was just too much chaos to decorate and get the house ready.  Though there be no spirit, we try to remember that this holiday is not about the lights or the tree but the birth of the most high .
One tradition that has seemed to stay constant around the holidays for the past few years, is that Briean is once again not home for Christmas. Now I know he’s on a business trip and would choose to be home if he didn’t have to go to war with his brothers again, but still holidays never feel complete without him. There is one positive to this however and that is being able to see one more Minnesota football game. Sitting between those gold posts hearing the roar of the twelfth man, the smell of turf in the air; now that’s a holiday joy.