Who loves wearing a crown? I know most of my ladies definitely do. But how amazing is it when your crown is your own hair?! Since having Tate my hair has definitely been my own personal crown. 

Let me take this moment to say this is not one of those reads that tells you the typical what pills to take and what DIY mixtures to use on your hair. I do NOT take any hair, skin or nails pills (outside of occasional prenatal vitamin). I do NOT make my own conditioners to use. And I do NOT have a super strict hair and skin regiment. Okay, so let’s continue.

I’m sure you’ve heard statement, that less is more. Well that’s pretty much how I live my entire life, but definitely how I live when it come to my hair and skin. Here would be my top 3 hair tips:

  1. Leave your hair
  2. Go about your business
  3. Watch your hair flourish

Okay obviously it’s not 100% that simple, but with a few minor tweaks & additions, that is how I achieved my post baby hair crown. 

Since high school days I have been a major supporter of Carol’s Daughter Hair Care. I used to have really bad shedding and the Monoi shampoo and conditioner was the only products I found that would help with the issue. As I got older I found that the conditioner part of the Monoi products would dry my hair out terribly and cause breakage. That is when I switched to using the Hair Milk conditioner from Carol’s Daughter. In addition to stopping the shedding I was able to add moisture. And that’s it! No literally 2 products are my go to for wash day and that is it. 

I (mama’s attempt) to wash my hair once a week if I wear it curly. I wait until my little Tot is nicely tucked in bed and use my few free hours to wash and style my hair. After using the Monoi shampoo and Hair Milk conditioner I typically will air dry for about 30 min or until my hair is damp and then prepare to style. I use Olive Oil smooth and hold pudding to achieve my twist outs and Shea Moisture Leave-in conditioner if I’m doing the occasional wash and go. After styling I go to sleep, wake up and then let my hair flourish! 

Now my skin care regimen is a little similar. My main principles are again as follows:

  1. Leave your skin
  2. Go about your business
  3. Watch your skin flourish

Again not completely that simple so I’ll explain. Sunday’s is typically my mama self-care day. It’s the one day of the week I dedicate to both my hair and skin on the same day. After a day of make up in church, it’s pretty much the only time my skin takes the most “beating”, with make up that is. 

I start my routine by removing my make up with my ItWorks facial cleanser. I try to use my cleanser at least 2-3 times a week while in the shower. However On Sunday’s, after my cleanser I will spend the time “rolling” and “chillin”, literally speaking. I use a Geranium Face roller and roll it over my face especially my under eye and forehead. This roller is said to prevent the presence of wrinkles and tighten the skin. I roll for about 10 minutes and then move on to the chill. I found some cheap $1 cucumber packs from Forever 21 and also use them to target my mama bags. These also stay on for about 7-10 minutes. I pop both those tools in the freezer while I’m in the shower and then take it out and begin use. After my roll and chill sesh I continue on with the skincare by using my ItWorks exfoliating peel. This product smells amazing and has been doing wonders on my skin in the short time I’ve been using it. After my entire face routine I top it off with some age defying moisturizer from Olay. By this time little Tater tot is usually awake and mamas skin can rest and take in the nutrients! 

My entire Sunday self-care routine can take me anywhere from 3-4 hours straight. This all depends on how many times Tate wakes up in between my ritual and how tired I am. 

Being a mom I know just how important my own self- care is. I spend numerous hours out of my day taking care of a little one.  I think I can use 4 hours on a Sunday for myself. So no matter how busy the day, how stressful the night I always make sure I participate in some type of Sunday self-care ritual. Even if some days that just means ice cream. Tell me what’s your self-ritual?! 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 
p.s. It’s good to focus on your skin and hair but don’t forget to love the rest of your body too! Get my 4-page affirmation workbook on how to love your post- baby bod! 

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