Self Care

MAKE the Most of your Self Care Practice

It’s time we make the most out of your self care practice.

The word “self care” is such a trendy term nowadays.

Everyone and their mom are trying to “self- care”.

And unfortunately the over use of this word has become very hazardous to its complete existence.

mtm MAKE

MAKE self care count

What is Self Care

Self care, as defined by google, is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

Nowadays, self care is boxed into bubble baths, blocked calls and day brunches.

But here’s the truth about self care, are you ready?

It’s more about the feeling and less about the action.

For me, the issue I have about the frenzy over “self care” is that it is giving people this false idea that it’s just physical.  This completely negates the mental and emotional part of the art.

So for this month I wanted to set the stage for use and focus specifically on the mental aspect of self care.



And to do this, we have to MAKE the most of our self care practice.  And this acronym will help you do just that.

M- Mindset.  Before you can feel any true relief and peace from self care you need to first mentally prepare yourself.  This means understanding why you are doing self care, how you want to feel at the end of it and most importantly that you deserve it.  By figuring out those 3 questions alone, you will be better able to get the results you are looking for once your self care moment is complete.

A- Action not activity.  As stated before so often self care is focused on WHAT you do.  When the reality is self care just requires that you DO something.  DO yoga, DO journaling, DO napping, DO force yourself to do nothing.  The action is what’s most important, not the specific activity.

K-Kindness.  Let’s talk a little about what self care does.  Self care is meant to bring you joy and fulfillment in something that’s important or wanted by you.  So the reality is, beating yourself up for missing it kind of defeats the purpose of what it does.  Once you start beating your self up for missing it, it can begin to feel like a job.  Nobody wants to be beat up for that.  Be kind to yourself.  If you miss it one day, that’s okay there’s always tomorrow.

E- Enjoyment.  We just touched on this.  Self care is meant to be enjoyed.  When done correctly (which by the way only you can judge this), self care increases dopamine in the brain.  An increase of dopamine can help generate new brain cells that support things like self regulation, calming and other physical benefits to your body.  When your body physically enjoys activities, you are likely to complete it again.  This is why things like forcing self care or working out is more difficult than actually enjoying the activity.   Enjoyment encourages recurring actions.  When you actually complete self care enjoy it!  This helps make it easier to do it again!


This simple acronym makes it so easy to get the most of your self care practice.  It’s easy to remember and even easier to follow.

Oftentimes self care gets overlooked or skipped simply because we’re unsure where to start or how to get there.  I think starting at the mind is the perfect place.  Setting intention is the first step to any action.  Even your self care one.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B

MAKE the most out your self care practiceMAKE the most of self care practice

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