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Make Cleaning your House Part of your Self Care Routine

Remember when this whole quarantine thing was only supposed to last 2 weeks?
Well now here we are with schools out until the end of May, travel bands fully in place and basically social distancing our lives away. Let’s all put a major LOL here.
As we’ve talked about, this time spent at home is one of the most important times for us to take care of ourselves in all aspects. We have touched on many different forms of self care so far during this series: physical, emotional, mental and now it’s time to move right along. Today we are going to discuss practical self care.
I’m sure this is the last thing we all want to discuss right now, but we’re going to do it anyways because trust me at the end of this, you’ll understand.

Let’s first discuss what practical self care is.

It is all the practical things you do with no explanation that allow your days and weeks to run as normal.  For example: washing the dishes, folding laundry, sweeping the floor, etc.
I know I know, loud groan here because to be honest who willingly wants to talk about these things? I know I didn’t. Until I did that one thing we always talk about: mindset shift.
I shifted my mindset from making it into a full on boring chore and started use it to benefit me instead.
Now let me put a full disclosure here by saying I do not openly and completely LOVE doing any of these things. I mean folding and putting away laundry, still my least favorite thing ever. I battle myself every step of the way before starting any practical tasks, but the shift in my mindset truly makes all the difference.

So let’s dive into this mindset.

The act of completing practical self care allows you to free up some of the clutter. Mental clutter and physical clutter. When you’re house is dirty or the laundry isn’t washed it’s just one extra thing constantly on your brains “to do list”. As mamas we have more than enough on our brain and could always use just one more free space on that list.
Shifting the mindset that by performing some part of practical tasks you are allowing yourself multiple wins: a free mental space win, an item crossed off your to do list win, and a clean house (or laundry bin) win, because everybody loves that one.
Now that you have your mindset down, here’s my favorite list of practical self care tasks:
  • sweeping my main floor
  • storing away Tate’s old clothes
  • washing the dishes
  • cleaning the bathroom
  • straightening up my room
  • rearranging my closet
  • organizing my desk drawers
  • organizing my bill drawer
  • laundry (see told you, it’s truly a task I don’t love)
Your list may look very similar or very different to my list and that’s okay! It’s your house not mine and it should look different. Every practical thing you do around the house will definitely NOT be on your list. Again, that’s okay. This mindset shift wasn’t to say you would love all of these must do things, instead it’s to say find some of the ones you don’t mind and give it a go. Notice your feeling after completing some of these tasks and use that as your push the next time you need to get some things done. Take care of that house…
And take care of you too mama,
Aysia B. 



    April 9, 2020Reply

    People have thought I was crazy for a while, but I clean on Saturday mornings as a part of my self care. I like being able to control it and feeling happy that I'm taking care of my family. It's good to see my sentiments echoed by someone else.

    Mothering the Mama

    April 9, 2020Reply

    Yes!! It like resets that weekend vibe and it helps the flow of the day! It's such a great relief!

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