Ever accidentally lose yourself in something? Like you just go and go and go and next thing you know your like what just happened? I mean I do that with SIMS all the time. I’ll think okay I’m gonna play for maybe 3 hours then go about my day. Then 7 hours later I’m like where did the time go? 
This lapse of judgement in time can sometimes be a positive and a negative. For example, to lose yourself in your career and business is great, until that focus begins to hinder your well-being. Pretty sure if I sat every day and lost myself in SIMS for 7 hours that would too fall into the negative category. In life it is very important to notice these moments that causes you to lose track of time and moments to ensure you don’t lose yourself. Hence the purpose of this blog.

If you go way back to For the Love of the Game. You will learn that this blog was created in hopes of giving me somewhere to express myself and find focus in all of the football craziness. When your a girlfriend of a football player there’s so many times that football can be the fore focus of your life and other things tend to take a back seat. In those times it was so important for me to remember not experience too much lapse of reality and most importantly never lose me. I can honestly say I am so thankful for this blog. It has enhanced my self definition and given me such a creative edge; I always look forward to writing for you guys! 

Now I’m not saying this blog didn’t come with any challenges. Though in my very first post I said this blog was for me and I didn’t care about readers, it’s so hard to not actually care when you see how many people actually started reading the blog! It became a bit stressful wondering: how many people will actually read this post?, will they relate? All legitimate worries! Another struggle was finding topics to post about. Now if any of you readers are bloggers you understand this struggle above all. When I first started the blog topics came so fluently, then I got writers block. And I feel like just recently the topics have started to come so fluently and I’m so ready to share them all with you guys! Now the struggle of being consistent is real! Between being a nurse, school and just life in general it is so hard to keep a consistent schedule of the days and times to post. I can honestly promise you guys I have tried so hard to work on that. 
Now to the beauty of blogs! Man like I said this creative experience is amazing! It allows me to speak my mind on prevalent topics in today’s world. The blog enhances my writing skill which is something I definitely have been in love with for years. And more importantly you. The readers . This blog would be existent but definitely not as much fun without you guys. You make me feel like someone actually cares about what I have to say. I value you guys so much it’s unbelievable. 
Though there are many things I appreciate and struggle with on this blog the next year always brings time for growth. So here are my goals for the upcoming year:

– Have more comments on the blog. Come on guys interact, have conversations! It’s so much more fun when we can converse and connect with each other.
– Do more giveaways and prizes! I would love to create some giveaway events to have you guys compete in. But that takes participation so let’s start with the comments. 
– Be consistent. I would love to have a schedule in addition to just most Monday’s. Maybe like Monday, Wednesday, Friday? We’ll see with time definitely. 
– Topics not relevant to football. This is more a continuation not a change. As stated before I want to continue to write more on prevalent topics in the world, things about me and the occasional football post. This keeps this blog about me and something for me! 
– Share the joy. Again, this is not really a changed goal but more so a continued one. I would love this blog to continue to bless me and you guys as the readers! 
This blog has brought me so many new friends and companions my heart couldn’t be more filled. Again I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading and subscribing this past year for my very first blog. This is definitely my mind baby and I am so proud of it.  This blog has continuously taken turns that I never anticipated but again that’s the beauty of creativity . If you give it wings it will fly and prosper in ways unimaginable.