There are very few occasions where I get to stay at the house by myself. One of them being when Briean’s on business trips. This past weekend he went to Chicago to partake in big ten media day (the first real business trip ever).  Life of a football girlfriend is finding ways to be supportive even when your constantly managing your own life. Soo while at work I pulled up my tv providers website and brought up the big ten network . this is what you call support lol.

A positive about these trips are I get to do my personal things around the house. Go decor shopping, cleaning the house, painting my nails, playing my video games all night long while criminal minds reruns play on the tv! It’s amazing the things I can find to do around the house when I’m home alone lol. I mostly love being able to catch up on my house chores while blasting my Rihanna music loudly through the apartment. And needless to say the house is spotless upon his return.