Self Care

Life’s Tornado

This past weekend was insane. I mean between game day, delayed flights, roster cuts, waiver period, phone calls, more flights- I mean it was just insane.  But that’s part of the beauty of the league isn’t it? The insanity. 
Recently, it feels like I have spent more time in the air than on the actual ground.  I mean my motivation for anything has literally been shot. In 3 days we were packing up from one city to head to another, just to get a call that we’re actually going to a very different city.  I mean talk about a head-spin.  Luckily, I can sleep anywhere and a whole row on a plane can feel like a California king bed to me.  But the greatest beauty in the airports for me, is the ability to get so much work done.  I have attended two different blogging workshops, redefined my blog goals for this year, fine tuned the mission statement and created so many new ideas to bring to the blog.  While, at the same time rebooking flights, running through the airport, looking for apartments, and eating on the go.  I mean really they warned me about nursing burn out in school but nobody talked about how hectic real life after college is.  

Being a nurse, one thing I always tell my patients is take it easy.  Walking to the bathroom for the first time- take it easy.  Eating a meal for the first time after surgery- take it easy.  Getting agitated and combative- most definitely take it easy.  After this past week, I now more than ever need to take it easy.  

We all have those weeks where it just seems to run on continuously with no end.  The tasks just keep piling up, money just keeps getting spent and there just appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  But alas, the week does end.  After those weeks it is so important to take care of yourself and just, take it easy.  Remember why you do the things you love and take this end of the week to reflect and focus your passions.  Revisit Oh Sweet 30 to see some stress relievers I like to try!

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