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Life update; The Beauty of Kids

Let me tell you about the beauty of kids.

We’ve been in MN now for 6 weeks.

About 12 weeks ago I accepted a travel nurse contract to spend the summer here in MN at a local hospital.

the beauty of kids mothering the mama

After traveling in the same location for almost a year now, I decided I wanted to give the “true travel nurse” life a try.

Well let me tell you.. it has been a time.

It’s been amazing, tiring, exhilarating, exhausting and so much more. After typically traveling by myself, I had worries.

But if it’s one thing that’s been constant it’s been us.

Kids will surprise you. That’s the beauty of kids.

One of my initial fears of coming to MN for a travel nurse contract was finding childcare for Tate.

Our nanny back home recently got married and is leaving our family and I knew in the back of my mind he would probably end up with a new one soon so I didn’t really want to get him another new nanny while we were in MN.

I worried about him not having stability if I just let a bunch of different friends watch him.

I worried about him being sad I was working more hours then I normally worked back home.

In short.. I worried.

Over the weekend Tate looked at me and told me he loved coming to MN and being able to meet my different friends from college and seeing where me and his daddy spent a huge chunk of our lives.

And honestly.. all fears I had for his sadness, his nanny issues or anything else disappeared right in that moment; seriously, the beauty of kids.

mothering the mama the beauty of kids

Because while I was worried about trivial things all Tate cared about was spending time with me in a new place.

Kids are funny like that. Again, the beauty of kids.

Just when you think things are too much or you stress and worry about normal adult life, kids remind you that they’re kids.. and your worries are not theirs.

So I encourage you today mama…

What’s something you’ve been stressing or worrying about that maybe just isn’t that important to your kiddo?

What’s something you can ease off your mind and put that focus back into your kid?

Today I want you to try it.

Try releasing that worry or fear and talk to them.

See just how different their thought process is on that same situation.

Kids show us the beauty of life if we just slow down to enjoy it with them.

Let your kid show you their beauty today.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

ps want to learn more about our move, check out the video below.

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