This is officially Briean’s last first game of the season. It’s crazy to think how quick the years have flown by.  How many days were spent between those two gold poles cheering our team on.  However, sometimes the last time isn’t always such a bad thing. The last first will be the best one yet with a big game against TCU.  
I am honored to have been on this journey with this dedicated and hardworking man.  Even though being there for him is what brings me to the field, it’s not the only thing that has kept me there.  These boys on this team have become both little and big brothers to me.  From the freshman who come and hang out at the house when they have nowhere else to go, to the seniors that come just to kick it. This team has become sort of a second family.  Multiple holidays spent with friends in our families absence, calling on some of the girls in my times of need, to even being modes of transportations before we were on our own two feet here.  That stadium and this team has brought me friends I’d never thought I’d meet and opportunities to travel many places I probably would have never seen. So here’s to not only Briean’s first last game of the college football season, but to my first last game of the college football experience.  Here’s to the new state lines I will cross and the new friends I will take with me.  I am so ready for this journey; bring it on.