Happy Halloween to all!! I hope everyone enjoyed the best holiday of the year yesterday. 

If you’ve been following along with the blog then you know halloween is my all time favorite part of the year. I mean it’s the one time of the year you can dress as something totally different than yourself & it’s totally acceptable. And this year I was especially excited for halloween. Like hello how often do you get to use a massive belly bump as part of your props ?! Now, if you remember waayyyy back to Trophy or Treat then you remember how football dictated halloween that year. Well trust me, this year was no different. 

Along with enticing games, raging fans and attractive sports wear comes crazy schedules, missed holidays and a depletion in family time. So my excitement for this years halloween was quickly turned down when I realized the guys would be spending that weekend in London. Yupp you heard me right- London as in Europe. So no 2 hr game flight and then back, no quick travel plans and definitely no raging halloween parties. Apparently last years team Halloween party was amazing and this year I was so excited to creatively dress the bump (and Briean) and attend this party. You can imagine my disappointment when we learned the London schedule just didn’t allow room for a halloween party. But if you think I missed my chance to dress up these two- oh your so wrong. Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin was definitely in the building.

Even with all the traveling we still made the most out of it. And this year with our new location we were able to do somethings we’ve never done before: decorate the house and hand out candy!! Honestly I’m not sure who was more excited, the kids or us! Okay yes me but in saying “us” it makes me feel less alone. Seeing all the costumes come to the door and hearing the kids say “trick or treat” just warmed my heart. 

Thinking of traditions is a little different when your growing a life inside you. You begin to think of all the fun times you enjoyed as a kid and get excited to share that with your little tot. Like in a few years (aka next year) that’ll be us taking Bean from house to house!  And this little boy better share my love for this tradition because I‘ve already started scheming up some family costumes that I’m just dying to get started on! But in the mean time I guess I better use my next 61 “babyless” days to get ready for the next holiday.

P.S. how do you guys usually prepare for the next holiday? Do I put up “fall”/ thanksgiving items or go straight for Christmas? I’m never quite sure how that works lol. 

See ya!