I love my blog because it gives me a great platform to speak my mind. Speaking about Briean and the football life makes me ecstatic because it is my life. But doing posts like this when it’s mostly all about me makes me a little giddy. Thank you to the people who did email questions I truly appreciate you guys. I TRIED to keep this short so here are 15 questions all about Aysia…
1. Name- Aysia Bly
2. Birthday- 01/26/1993
3. Favorite color- Yellow and blue (I have a hard time making my mind up sometimes
4. Best Friend- Briean by far. He’s the person I feel the closest too and he literally just gets me. He is my person. 
5. Who inspired me to start a blog- That would have to be Katie, her blog Top Knot Momma is AMAZING (much better pictures than mine of course). Seeing her write and the things she shared with the web just made me want to want to have my own place to do that. Without her I would never have gotten this started. Love you!!
6. Favorite Holiday- My birthday. I know it’s not a “real” holiday but in my household as a child it was always a big deal. We always got a party if we wanted & the day literally stopped for us. 
7. Least favorite holiday- Valentines Day. Again not a real holiday but the US seems to think so. It’s a day that if a guy doesn’t do something a girl can put on social media then basically it erases everything else he did for the year. I hate the stigma around it. Now don’t get me wrong I loved it when I was younger however, now that I’m older and have had a couple fights of my own about it I decided it’s stupid especially when your guy treats you like a queen the other 364 days of the year like mine does (okay maybe like 363 days of the year 🙂
8. Heels or flats- Jordan’s by far the most comfortable and stylish shoes I’ve ever worn.
9. Why I became a nurse- Most nurses have a story that opened they’re eyes to the profession. Me, I just loved helping people and once I did LPN school I realized it was my passion. 
10. Greatest experience of college football- My greatest experience is the traveling. I love to hop in the car or on the plane and experience new things and different places. It’s always best when Brieans entire family comes to where the game is and we all experience it together. 
11. How hard is it dating an athlete- Well that would depend what is defined as hard. Going to games, supporting him, watching film, etc all fun nothing of that is hard except for those nail biting games. 
12. How do I deal with other girls- Well we like to call those Jersey chasers. It gets handled, it’s isn’t even worth commenting on. 
13. Where would I like Briean to be drafted- Anywhere. I want him to get the chance of a lifetime and conquer his childhood dream. Any team is lucky to have a player like Briean. He is one of the most hardworking men I know and he works so hard to perfect his craft. 
14. How do I think people around me will change once Briean makes the NFL- I hope they won’t. I am not changing I am still me, Briean may be going to the NFL but that doesn’t change who I am. So I think people, if they are my friends, will understand that and remind the same people I love. 
15. What do I think is the next step for me- I think I will continue to write my blog. I am going to continue being a nurse and helping people. I hope to change my specialty many times to broaden my knowledge. As for where I will live and practice…. now that’s to still be decided.