Briean is going to play in the NFL… well God willing. This is his calling and he is exactly where he should be in life.  But am I? There are times when I think to myself is this it? Is this what I am going to do for the rest of my life. 
Being with a potential NFL player sometimes makes you think your life should be a lot more glamorous just to stand up next to his. That there should be some bells and whistles behind my job too. No I will never play in front of thousands of fans or have my duties shown on tv, but there are moments where I remember… my job has the whole “shabang” too. 

I am a nurse. Not many people can say that and it is truly an honor. People trust me to treat their newborn infant who they barely know, with multiple medications and needles. People trust me to care for their elderly parent in the most vulnerable moments in their life . People trust me with their tears, blood, and other bodily fluids (which trust me I sometimes wish they’d hold off on). I get to heal someone and be part of the reason they go back to their daily lives and soon forget our timely encounter. Sure sometimes there’s a high patient load, sometimes your patients aren’t always quite cooperative and yes working the long hours or weird shifts aren’t great but the impact I am making on the life of just one individual is greater than all that combined.  So yes this is it. This is where I was meant to be and this is my calling. The bell isn’t made of sterling silver and the whistle may not always sing the sweetest tune, but my job is truly just as amazing as his.