As most know but hate to admit, getting the perfect body starts from the inside and works its way out. I mean honestly you can workout all day and night, but if you don’t work on your eating habits as well the results will go nowhere. The college football team had a great nutritionist who watched what they eat for them. They would organize their meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and only provide them with healthy choices. They furnished the players lounge with healthy snacks that they can grab at any time. However, for the everyday people like myself, there is no one to organize my meals for me but well, me. And let me tell ya that’s a struggle.  I mean I have been trying to do it for a while now but it is really hard! Especially working night shift when I just want to constantly snack during the wee hours of the night.

So this Monday the household has become a healthy household. Building bodies in the kitchen from the inside out (btw if you have not seen that movie you probably should it’s so good!). Plus, everybody knows muscles are torn in the gym and fed in the kitchen!