Now we all know that Destiny Child’s song “independent women” (and if you don’t… shame on you that’s “queen B”- thick sarcasm included).  Well that song has started to become sort of an anthem in my head these past few months. If you read my post “Is this Really It?” then you know it’s a strong belief of mine to find the beauty in my job and not Briean’s. It is so easy to fall into the shadow of the “football player” that sometimes having a title of your own seems foreign. 
There are some “wags” (professional and not) where it seems their significant other has taken over their life. I don’t mean the occasional pictures on Instagram, I mean the full on everything they do and say is in relation to their guy. I mean is there anything else to talk about? 
Being as though most of us do not know celebrities up close and personal it is hard to judge their true colors. But from the way her husband speaks on her, the organizations she is apart of and how great her kids appear I would say with Ayesha Curry what you see is what you get. 

Since even before Steph Curry became a big icon to basketball his wife has been right there by his side. Originally she was just that “steph curry’s wife”, but now she stands for so much more. What I admire most about this woman is that even though her husband is the now two-time MVP, she still does her own thing. She still acts, cooks and focuses on her own passions. She does not allow her husbands title or image to affect hers. 

A woman who can hold her own speaks much more volumes to me personally than a woman who can just “hold down her man”.  There is nothing wrong with support because trust me I give it to him in abundance (I mean really have you ever seen me at a game?). The importance however, is what you have when “the game” is done. Who are you when he walks off that field and the lights go off?  

So, here’s to you Ayesha Curry. Though I don’t know you, the image you have created has shown so many great qualities. And yes you are many young girls woman crush Wednesday, but this is aside from the usual beauty and “relationship goal” ones. This is to you being a strong, independent, loving, caring wife and mother. This is to you being a woman, my equal (besides all the rich and famous things) and not my competition.