I’m a pediatric nurse. I go into work and have questions about newborns, toddlers, children and teens thrown at me on a regular basis. I have first time moms, second time moms and veteran moms call in to ask me questions about their sick or well child on the daily. I give advice, I listen to stories and I make plans in conjunction with parents on what to do for their child. With all of this “training” I thought for sure I’d be an all time pro when it was my turn. Well I’m not. And you never realize just how NOT an expert you are until you walk into a baby store to create your registry. 

This past week Briean and I went into Baby’s R’ Us to attempt to do ours. I thought this would be such a fun bonding time for us. Well, I say “attempted” because after about three steps into the store we quickly realized we were in over our heads. From the registry desk, to nipple shields, to the cribs- we were amateurs and we needed help bad. 

Yes, the checklist they give you at the front door is great. But let’s be honest once you begin to walk down those isles it’s a whole different world! 

From this experience I learned whether in store or online, creating a baby registry for first time parents is hard and boy did we need a better game plan. So, for my next Baby’s R’ Us attempt I made sure to do it right. Here are my 5 tips to use BEFORE starting your registry: 

  1. Ask a friend. They say there is no better teacher in life than experience and boy is that true. What better way to get advice than from people who have actually gone through what your experiencing. I called up my gang of moms from fresh newborn moms, toddler moms and even school age moms and asked them what they absolutely loved, hated and things they could live without. That became my new checklist.
  2. Research. Remember in school before starting a paper you had to research your topic beforehand? Well this follows the same protocol. Before choosing your forever baby items it’s so important to do research. How many moms like this product? Does it fit your lifestyle? Is it actually safe? One of the easiest ways for me to do my research was reviews. You’d be surprised how much reviews become your friend when looking up items for your baby. This step can save you massive time and money. 

  3. Research isn’t everything. Now, just like your research paper not every piece of information makes the cut. Just because some moms love a certain stroller doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. Before going to the store I had a stroller I absolutely loved. I had done my research and read all the reviews and it seemed to be a bright spot with other moms. Well after going to the store and fiddling with it myself I quickly realized this stroller just would not work for me. I was happy I had the research beforehand but was equally happy I put in my own time with it as well.
  4. Give yourself time. A baby registry is definitely not the easiest thing to complete in a day. It takes time to research and decide on each item. It is much less stressful for me starting this list 2 months before my actual baby shower than say the week of. It gives me time to go over my list with a fine tooth comb as many times as I want before the final cuts are due. See there goes football creeping itself back into my lingo. 
  5. Making the cut. It’s important to remember not everything will make it to your list and that’s okay. There are some things that you won’t need until later. There are some things you’ll forget. And from what I hear, there are some things that you won’t even know you need until you need it. A registry is not a one and done thing. Once I was able to let go of the feeling of needing to include everything on my list all at once I was able to relax and enjoy the process.

The preparation for a first child is a ride of excitement and terror all at once. Learning as you go is just part of the fun. So what, my first registry trip didn’t turn out quite right. The second one was better and who knows by the third I may be a pro at this! I mean I have like a lifetime to figure this thing out right? 

See ya later! 
Aysia B.