So I am in love. Obviously with Briean but not talking about him this time. I am in love with this new website/ blog I found called Wags Redifined. For anyone who does not know what WAG stands for its for the wives (fiancées) and girlfriends of NFL players. Now when most people hear WAGS they think of the trashy reality tv show where the woman act crazy, talk crap on each other and sit around to discuss ring sizes. I personally have NEVER watched this show and do not plan too. However, this website (though it has a similar name) is nothing like the show other than it’s still about wives (fiancées) and girlfriends of NFL players.

This blog is amazing! The blog was created by a former NFL player’s wife who basically gives a platform of speech for the woman of the league. It is about them lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down. Giving the woman a chance to speak about topics near and dear to them, give advice and make sure their voices are heard. I absolutely love it ! Talk about empowering women!! Makes me remember why I brought this blog into existence. To tell MY side of the story and still keep my important parts of me close! I thought as a way to celebrate my blog hitting 6 months just this week with waayyyy more page views then I ever thought it’d get (YAYYY!), I would do a question and answer all about ME this weekend! This is something that has been requested by one of my readers and I thought it would be a fun thing to do! So the questions will be a mixture of ones from you guys, myself and some good ones I find online. Comment below, Facebook/ Twitter or email me using the widgets at the side to get your questions in!! (p.s. I have gotten your emails and comments I’m just slow with responding). Thanks guys!