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Hungry, Hungry… Mom?

I love breast feeding. Honestly it gives me such a feeling of satisfaction to know that if my baby is hungry I have the power to be a source of food for him and provide him with the nutrients to help him grow. Between the health benefits and our special bond it’s amazing! However, there is one thing I don’t like. 


I know they say breast feeding is supposed to help you lose weight and it did at first. All the baby weight was literally just falling off. But now between the constant hunger, constant thirst and constantly fighting my previous pregnancy diet I feel like I have hit a stand still with the weight loss. 

A big thing for me now is finding the right snacks to have accessible during my feeds. Along with having the right tools with me, my snacks play a big role in keeping me comfortable . 

My monthly package from Goodie Box does just that. With multiple different food options to choose from this free box gives me just the right diversity to keep me full and satisfied during a feed. 

Not grabbing unhealthy snacks is probably my hardest challenge. These boxes are filled with healthy snacking options that are not only good for you and tasty, it’s free too!

Keeping the weight down is a struggle but between working out and healthy snacking I’m determine to get this weight down. 

Mamas what are your favorite feeding time snacks/ drinks? Help a sista out because ya girl is struggling! 

See ya! 

Aysia B. 



    August 4, 2020Reply

    Oh my goodness!!! Never thought about this before but I feel like this is a game changer for me. So glad you posted this!

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