One of my favorite things about social media is that they show you little flash backs from time to time of where you were at a certain time in that year. It is my absolute favorite. For me, it serves as a little progress track. Are you where you want to be? Are you in the same place? Have you improved? It truly is amazing. 

Last week what scrolled across as my memory was a blog post I wrote that served as a letter to my old self. 

What strikes funny to me was here I am 3 years later at events for moms, that I created, having them do the same exact thing. Whew, talk about tracking progress.  

When my friend Alexus gave me the prompt she wanted to give to the ladies as part of her speaking portion I knew it would be a hit. Sometimes in life we don’t look back often enough and commend ourselves for where we’ve came from. Or even use the past as a guide to the future.  I couldn’t do the writing prompt at the event (#entrepreneurlife) but I wanted to make sure it got done for me too.   
“Dear baby Aysia,
Don’t worry everyone does not still call you that. We are 26 and hunty we are living the life. Maybe not the life you always imagined we would but I promise you it’s a damn good one. I know you thought at 26 going on 27 we’d be married, kids, successful job, big ‘ol house and a nice car to complement it. Would you believe me if I told you we have 3.5 of those things? 
See where you are right now in life, you think that success is measured by these things. But baby girl life is so much more than the things you possess. You had a crazy past 2 years and nobody but God could have brought you out of it. You do in fact have a bomb job, actually your dream job. You have the luxury to work part time which allows you to be home with your baby boy more. Yes I said baby boy. You have a baby by a man you’ve loved for years. And though things didn’t work out how you thought they would, you’ve got the greatest gift from it. I know you’ve always saw marriage then baby, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Somehow God has a funny way of giving us what we need instead of what we want. That little man fills your heart in a way no man could. And that little “slip up” helped you find your entire life’s purpose. That nice car, yup girl you got that too. It does sit outside a house, but it’s not the one you imagined. Don’t worry I’m still working for that. But girl none of those THINGS matter. Besides the baby boy trust me he is about the only THING that does. What matters more is that you have grown into this woman we couldn’t have even pictured in our heads back then. There are people who pay to hear us talk. Lives you are touching in ways you couldn’t even dream of. I am beyond proud of us. Girl, it’s only up from here. 
-Your 26yo self”

That is probably one of the heaviest journal posts I’ve ever written but it helped me progress check. It’s not about the things I own, the people I posses or the titles I call myself. 

This mama program is bigger than me, and that’s how I always want it to stay. When these moms had to do their own “progress check” I saw them come into touch with their younger selves and truly realize how far they’ve come. Each one of these women had grown. Not a single one had stayed the same. Many of these women realized how writing is a self care activity they actually could do and vowed to use it in the days to come. 

I never visioned this life for myself. Running a company and helping women. Nursing is my passion and helping little kids was my goal. But now I’m helping both them and their parents and all feels right. THIS is my purpose. Progress check complete. 

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B. 

Photos by: Psalms Photography