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How to Use Gift Giving to Spark your Self Care Practice

Ahh we are on our second to last day of the love language for your self-care journey and I am so pumped.  Not only am I excited to be teaching you but I am learning so much about not only these love languages but how it’s worked for all of you and that makes me so happy! Today we’re discussing another good one and that’s how to use gift giving to give a spark to your self care practice.

Gift Giving

Okay, raise your hands if you don’t like gifts…

I’ll wait.

No one anywhere has raised their hands!

Everyone likes a gift and if they say they don’t they’re probably lying OR (because I don’t want to be an ASSumer now) they just aren’t thinking of certain things as gifts.

So let’s break down what’s a gift.


Gift Giving Love Language

Yesterday we discussed the act of DOING, and though many people think of something like a car wash as a gift it could also be an act of service.

In terms of gift giving Gary Chapman says “for some people, what makes them feel most loved is to receive a gift.”

To me, a gift is something you buy for an individual because you know they will like it or it’s something you think they need.

Like a Louis Vuitton bag (ehm ehm one of my fav gifts), a nail salon gift card, a new car, etc, etc.

In short it is a purchase you make for someone else and their pleasure.

Now I know you give gifts every day mama. Toys for those kids, a new shirt/ tie for your man, but this time… we’re talking all about gifts for YOU!

Yes, buying something for yourself (shh I know, I totally just said a curse word!)

mtm gift giving


Gift Giving Tips to Spark your Self Care

When going through this list mama I want you to be selfish.

Yupp!  You heard me right.

S-E-L-F-I-S-H (i-n-d-ep… only me? Okay moving on haha)

Here’s your tips on gift giving for self care:
  • Take yourself to dinner and a movie
  • Buy yourself a new purse
  • Grab a new pair of shoes
  • Buy a fresh cup of coffee on your way home
  • Purchase some skin care
  • Buy some candy
  • Schedule a hairdresser appointment
  • Followed by a nail date
  • Buy some new jewelry (I think they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend?)
  • Buy some new kitchen utensils (had to throw a mom one in there right?)

Honestly, you didn’t need a list for these ideas, or maybe you did.

Sometimes we get so used to buying things for other people, it’s like we forget how to buy things for ourselves.  Well not this week mama. This week I challenge you to take on a new form of self care.

It doesn’t always have to be a grand purchase or something super expensive.

A simple gift that makes you happy is enough to send a spark back into your self-care practice.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B. 

self care gift giving

gift giving for self care


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