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How to Start your Grounding (or Earthing) Process

When I talked about grounding (also called earthing) the last time on Instagram I got a lot of positive feedback.

Many people were excited to learn about this activity, loved the thought of literally inserting themselves into the earth in a sense, but most people were excited to know about more ways to add this into their routine.

So I figured I’d help out and give some ways to start the Earthing practice.

mtm earthing practice

Grounding, or Earthing, per a google search is the process of transferring the immediate discharge of electricity directly to the earth plate, by means of low resistance electrical cables or wires.

In short, it means a transfer of energy between you and the Earth.


Just like many other things in life, things that we don’t know scare us.

We overthink the process, think it’s harder than it is or just don’t know where to start so we in turn don’t.

But in all honesty earthing is probably one of the easiest practices to start.

It’s so simple that all you need to do is walk out your house to get started.

No I’m so serious that is probably the biggest piece of getting started.

But before we get there let’s talk about the process before you walk outside of the house.

You know I’m going to talk about your mindset right hahaha.


Before you go Outside

First you walk out of your house every single day.

Usually if you’re like most people there is a mission attached to that.

Go to get milk, go to work, get gas, etc.

So it’s very easy to leave the house and totally miss all that nature has to offer.

It’s important that before you go outside you remind yourself that you are there to just be.

Not to go somewhere specific, not to see anything specific, but just to be.

Another tip to remember is that it’s okay if you find yourself getting distracted once outside.

Similar to something like meditation, it takes a while to develop a practice for appreciation for the earth.

So let’s get into how to start.

mtm grounding practice

Starting your Grounding Practice

  1. Mindset. I won’t revisit it again, but having this mindset before, during and even after each grounding practice is pertinent to maximum growth.  It allows you to fully appreciate the practice and be excited to do it again.
  2. Time frame.  Give yourself a good time frame to actually complete the activity.  For me, about an hour is ideal. But just 30 minutes is scientifically said to provide internal benefits especially for your blood.
  3. Activity.  Have an activity in mind each time you go outside.  Maybe your first day the activity is simply being in the grass for 30 minutes.  That could be reading a book, watching tv, etc.  Maybe the next day you choose to sit on the deck and look at the trees.  By deciding on an activity you are doing you are giving yourself the best opportunity to focus and truly get in tune with the earth.


Here are some grounding activities: 

  1. Standing outside and noticing all the colors around your home.  The trees, the cars, the flowers, the sky, etc.
  2. Tree watching.  Notice how they sway, how they move, think of they are currently giving you oxygen.
  3. Playing with the kids outside.  Running, jumping, twirling; trust me, the kids won’t complain.
  4. Feet in grass.  This is one of my favorite and easiest ways to get awesome grounding in.  Feel it beneath your feet and just move!
  5. Memory.  This is a great one to pair with #1.  After you’ve noticed everything, play a guessing game with yourself and see if you can remember everything. This enhances the first activity. 
  6. Bubbles outdoors. We all know how much kids love bubbles, take them outside!  Plus easy clean up for you mama!
  7. Work out doors.  Now that we are all working from home this is simple and another one of my favorites.  Grab your laptop and head to the deck, the porch or even right in the grass!
  8. Water time outdoors.  Grab the sprinklers, the balloons, grab the water hose, even grab their play table, whatever you can get, take it outdoors!

mtm grounding and earthing process

However you decide to start your practice, like Nike says, just do it.  This practice, like many other self care activities, has benefits not only to your emotional well-being but your physical one too. 

Plus, it’s the summer.  It’s time to get outside and

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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