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How to Master your Physical Self Care at Home

It’s been a week of quarantine homeschool and I’m sure you’re exhausted mama.
Not just mentally but physically too.
With so much going on, self care is on the back burner for many of us. But if I’m being honest, that’s the wrong way to go. Working hard, creating meals, creating a schedule, finishing coursework and then doing self care is a bit backwards.

Let’s think about this, you wouldn’t drive before turning your car on and warming it up would you? Well that’s what you’re doing to your body. Every time you continue with your day adding more and more stress without giving it a chance to reset, you are killing the “engine” in your body.

Now I know you’re not doing this on purpose mama.
Trust me, before self care became a habit to me, I forgot it just as easily as I forget where I put my airpod case. It’s a lot, you don’t want to know how many AirPods I’ve had to buy.
It’s so simple to go throughout your day and have the Dory motto, just keep swimming just keep swimming, and completely forget to swim to your own corner of the ocean for a while.

Changing this habit is imperative to your health, especially during this Covid-19 quarantine time.


The last post I gave ways you can take care of your mental health and today I want to discuss ways to take care of your physical health.
No, I’m not telling you to run to the gym or honestly even to run outside, don’t worry I know we’re quarantined. However, I am telling you that it’s possible to stay on top of your physical health right from the comfort of your own house.
Here’s my favorite ways to stay physically healthy during this social distancing:
  1. Rest. Yes this is definitely a part of physical health! Did you know that increased stress (which comes from running on fumes) has direct affect on your overall health? It can suppress your immune system (even if for a short time) putting you more at risk for illness. In a time like now with a major pandemic going on, that is not what you want.  Get your rest.
  2. Short exercises. For me, full hour workouts in the house just aren’t it. I love short workouts that I can squeeze in my regular routine. And with so many things on our mama plates right now, we need all the “simple” tasks we can get.  My favorite short workouts are from MadFit on youtube.
  3. Unconventional exercises. As mamas we need exercises that allows us to habit stack aka to do while we are subsequently doing something else. Squats while washing dishes are my fav! Throughout the day it’s important to find little ways to do things like this. When picking up your child, always do it in squat formation. If folding laundry each time you fold a load, separate some of it and use it as “weights” for some arm exercises.  You get my point.  Just find ways to use what you have at home to get moving.
  4. Balanced diet. Okay this one is the biggest struggle for me and this is why I say balance. 3 balanced meals for breakfast lunch and dinner definitely deserves a treat throughout the day as well. For me dieting or always eating so strict doesn’t give me joy. I know neither does cavities. But if you’re like me, here’s your instructions to allow some belly joy in your life.  In the present day it is imperative we get vitamins from the foods we eat since many of us are in the house away from the sun and other natural vitamin sources.
  5. Stretching/ recovery. Just like any workout you have to allow your body to recuperate. It is necessary for your physical health, especially if you want to continue to push yourself.  Stretching (along with that rest mentioned above) lets your muscles recover and get ready for the next workout. Without this step, your muscles can become short, tight and not give you the same range of motion necessary for that next move.

As a mama I’m pretty sure running behind our kids count as cardio in itself. And if anybody thinks different, give them a 2 year old for the day. But if we want to be intentional with our self care we’ve gotta take it a step further. Try some of these activities, paired with last weeks mental self care activities and see how you feel! Remember summer is right around the corner, don’t let this quarantine and chill have an effect on your hot mom summer bod.
Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B.

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