I know, I know, it’s supposed to be Football Friday, but there was much bigger news on the agenda for the last Friday of the month.  If you missed it on both me and Gunner’s Instagram stories, earlier this month was Gunner’s ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!! Can we all just take a second and ball our eyes out in unison?!  My baby is no longer a baby.  He has over tripled in size and mental capacity.  Let’s look at some stats:
Birth Weight: 11.4 lb
Current Weight: 65lb
Birth Collar Size: Small
Current Collar Size: Large
Birth play: Barking until you find something to do with him
Current play: Bringing toys to you (favorite toy: balls)
Birth Training: Pee in the house
Current Training: Kennel’s up, sits, lays, rolls over, knows papa’s name, and so much more.
So yea, I think it’s safe to say he’s officially a dog and not a puppy.  But who am I kidding, he’ll be 13 years old and I’ll still call him my puppy. If you read this past Wednesday’s post, you’ll see we made the big move this week.  With all the craziness pending the move in the upcoming days we had a very small party of 2 for Gunner’s first birthday.  I got him some of his favorite treats from a puppy kiosk in Mall of America and he got his first try at the IAMS 1 year+ puppy food.  I’d have to say even without a real party he had the time of his life.  Minus the party hat, he was not for that haha. 

While on the road trip with Gunner I started reflecting about how this past year with him has been.  Btw can I just say that he did AMAZING on the road trip.  In about 11.5 hrs we stopped only 3 times.  He dozed off every now and then but more importantly he did not cry not once the entire ride! But I digress, in reflecting on his past year I thought about how he is literally his own person.  He has his own personality with his own quirks and traits.  And of course, sometimes those traits, butt heads with my own traits. 

On Instagram, with friends, other puppy moms, etc all I ever hear people say is how cute Gunner is and how they were thinking of getting a Pitbull.  Now let me be one of the many to tell you: raising a Pitbull is hard work.  They are said to be one of the most stubborn dog breeds but are also very eager to please their owners.   Before me and Briean dove head first into this purchase we did so much research.  We researched how to train them, the right foods, breeding, etc.  But even in all our research we forgot to look up basic things like restrictions, personalities, or basic household needs.  I mean honestly when awaiting a furry friends arrival there’s already so much to think about it’s easy to forget things!  And that’s why ensuring you pick the right pup for your lifestyle should be one of the very first things on your list.  
This week me and Gunner got an amazing graphic from PuppySpot that we just had to share!  This graphic is sure to to make the task a little easier for those currently in search of their own furry friend.  Have you ever thought “man, I wish there was somewhere I could map out the perfect dog for me!”.  Well now there is!  PuppySpot has created an efficient flowchart that helps you do just that.  Starting from the very beginning with basic living needs and working all the way down to your activity level this flow chart helps narrow down the perfect dog personality for you.  With lists of different breeds for each type of dog personality it’s simple to find just the right furry friend for you.  Now, this list is not all-inclusive (I mean they even left off my furry friend), but in using this flow chart it can definitely set you up on the right track for the rest of your research.  In completing this myself I got number 3- the active socialite.  Which is funny because growing up my father had a husky mix and it is definitely a dog I would consider on my “possible breed list”. Now knowing Gunner I know he definitely would fit right into the same category with his eager to please obedient self.  Using this list I would have narrowed right down to my own favorite furry friend.  And who knows… maybe that husky might be in my future sooner than later? *hint hint*

PuppySpot not only helps get your started on which furry companion is for you, but they also give you lists of available dogs to choose from!  From purebreds to designer breeds there is such a wide selection on their website.  Don’t see what your looking for on their website?  They’ll even contact you directly to get more information and offer one on one help with your search.  So head on over to puppyspot.com and get help with choosing your furry love now!
p.s. don’t forget check out their social media pages to get a peek at a feature of me and Gunner for National Dog day on August 26, 2017.
See ya for now!

Aysia B.