I love motivating you guys!  Seriously, every Monday I find such joy in creating a blog post that will facilitate growth in someone else.  I mean from suitcase packing, to working out, to just creating a better you; it is so fulfilling to give this to you guys.  So it makes perfect sense that a part-time job I pick up help me do just this.  
I am a softball coach. 
I have wanted to coach for quite some time now.  But between football, nursing and just life I didn’t have the time or energy to do so.  But now with life slowing down a bit and getting a hang of the off season, I thought what better time than now! 

So a little background.  Thanks to my best friend and her connections, I was able to score a job as an assistant 9th grade softball coach at a local high school.  I personally played softball for many years and one of my deepest regrets is not taking it as serious as I did some other areas in my life.  I mean who knows I could have been the world class athlete in the family! *inserts hysterical laughter here*  In coaching these young girls I have found a new calling. I am able to use what I love to do here every Monday and apply it to such moldable minds.  Being trusted to mold and shape these young individuals is such an honor and I am so thankful for the opportunity. 
Now here comes the dilemma.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in high school.  Haha it feels so funny to say that.  But in being out of high school so long I forgot just how impressionable these ladies are.  I mean honest to God it’s like they constantly think the worse of themselves.  One little mistake in the field and it’s like they go from great to the worst on the planet.  From feelings of self-pity to wanting to quit, these girls have such a hard time cheering themselves on.  But that’s where I come in.
Motivating is what I do.  Hence why I do such a good job of being with an athlete.  When these girls get down on themselves, that’s where I step in to provide them with the will power they need to continue.  When they tell themselves they can’t that’s where I’m the voice that says they can.  Each day before practice I give my girls a motivational quote to live by for practice that day.  The girls love it.  And each time one girl makes a mistake or gets down on herself, the other girls will repeat the quote to them.  I love it!  It reminds me of Dear Amy; facilitating the uplifting of other women around them.  And this to me is more important than softball could ever be.  
In thinking of ways to empower my young athletes it made me think of all the women in the world that constantly look at themselves and say they can’t.  Can’t look like her, can’t dress like her, can’t get that job, can’t get that man and so many more.  And to be honest:
WE ARE WOMEN.  I mean that in itself should be spelt C-A-N.  It is important that we remind ourselves that we CAN.  It is important that we remind ourselves life is not a competition with any other person than the person we were yesterday.  I don’t always succeed at this myself.  I wake up every day and have to have the right mental mindset to push myself to be a better me; mentally.  So I invite you to join me on this push to mental stability! Sign up for my 5 week course in which I give you activities, quizzes and motivational quotes that in the end will create a better, self- empowered you.  Motivation has to start somewhere.  And every now and then we just need an extra push to get us to the next step.  My course will push you and motivate you to do things out of your element.  Let’s take this to the next level!

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Aysia B.