Commitment.  Ugh such a scary word.  I mean honestly I cringe having to resign my cell phone contract and that’s something I can’t live without.  It is so hard for me to stay committed to things.  Hair regimens, vitamins, working out; you name it and I struggle. So when it comes to the blog, I have an extra difficult time because not only do I have to stay committed but I also have to use time management.  I mean what?!? You want me to actually manage my time, yea good luck.  But nonetheless, I try.  Trust me it’s not easy.  Between my two jobs, Gunner and well life, it gets pretty hard to stay consistent.  I definitely am not perfect and this is something I work on every week.  So here are some things I’ve been using to try to get and stay consistent and committed with the blog:

  1. Planning.  Just like any event in life you have to plan.  Plan the reason for the celebration (i.e. birthday), plan the decorations, the guests and so much more.  And a blog post is no different.  Using a editorial calendar (aka my iPhone calendar) I am able to plan the topic or reason for my post, the layout or decorations, who I’m presenting it to and so much more.  With a plan in place I am able to proceed to writing.  Onto tip 2!
  2. Writing.  Haha sounds funny that this is a tip for writing a blog.  But what I mean by writing is that I actually write out multiple blog posts a night sometimes.  With my crazy nursing schedule there are times I have days/ weeks off at a time.  During those times I try my best (though it’s so easy to be a lazy bum those days) to be productive and get as much done as possible as it becomes harder to do so when work starts back up.  With blog posts pre-written, on post days all I have too do is edit and release.  Very simple. 
  3. Organize.  This is a huge one! When attempting to run a blog it is so important to stay organized to make sure everything runs smoothly.  From the layout of each post, to the blog, to release dates it’s easy to get confused and let everything get out of wack.  Staying organized helps me balance everything out with the blog as well as other areas of my life. 
  4. Motivation.  I know, I love that word haha.  Without motivation this blog doesn’t run.  In using my motivation I make sure that I get those posts done on my week off, I get my email list taken care of, the layout, etc.  Without motivation none of these things get complete and I am unable to stay committed to this blog. 
  5. Creativity.  I think people forget about this a lot of times with blogging.  Blogging is a craft.  It is something you work at and perfect.  Something you put your time into and make great.  My creativity is another thing that keeps this blog up and running.  The blog posts do not happen early, late or at all without it! Changing my scenery, going new places and experiencing new things are all ways that I ensure I keep new posts coming consistently.  Creativity can come from anywhere and appear in many different forms, writing just happens to be mine.  
Being consistent is definitely difficult but something well worth it.  It gives you guys the readers a way to follow, and it gives me the writer some organizational sanity.  I would love to hear all of your consistency tips!  Blogging or not I could sure use some more ideas!

Aysia B.