Last week me and Briean did our second “dress up” event since prom.  I mean seriously prom?! It was so much fun! I love dressing up.  I mean I walk in the mall all the time and constantly see elegant dresses that I want to buy so bad but after two seconds of looking at it I’m like- “and wear it where Aysia?”.  Yea, so the dress stays on the rack. But this time, I walked past an amazing dress and was like- “Yes Aysia to the classic girl!”!  Like honestly, I could have worn it out the store that’s how happy I was.  At the end of the night I did not want to take it off! In addition to having the perfect dress I also had the perfect shoes!  A birthday gift from babe helped complete the outfit to a T.  However by the end of the night I might not have wanted to take the dress off, but I was eager to take off those shoes.  Listen I have a request…
Okay, request made.  
Now I have read Mr. Louboutins announcement to the world where he said that it’s “not ‘his’ job to make something comfortable”.  Well you got something right Mr. Louboutin, they are beautiful.  I mean like whew enough to make a room go silent.  However still, its not a crime to make them comfortable.  But then again!  That’s what we were always taught right “beauty is pain”.  A statement which btw is NOT one I will be teaching my daughter. In the end yes, I still wanted to wear my red bottoms. So in order to make sure I could last just long enough to be seen in the entire outfit and take pictures, I had to find some type of remedy.  And in looking online I found many different suggestions.  So I’ve compiled a list of the suggestions I saw online that worked for me (and by worked I mean I lasted about 40 minutes in them instead of 5; I’d say pretty good for my first time): 
  1. Definitely break them in.  I mean I cannot stress this enough.  If you think you are going to just walk into the function for the first time with your red bottoms on and you will “stunt” in them.  You will be sadly mistaken.  Walk around the house in them.  Cook in them.  Clean in them.  Heck run to the grocery store in them; just put them on your feet and do something.  This gives you a chance to feel how the leather will mold to your feet, and it gives you a chance to practice your cat walk in them.  It also provides the opportunity to try to naturally stretch the leather. Bringing me to my next point.
  2. Socks.  I know socks and heels? What a fashion nightmare, but in the house trust me I think your okay.  Put on a pair of socks and shove your feet in.  The bigger the better, I used men’s nike socks.  This sock trick is one that is designed to stretch the leather out more than just your natural foot will.  There are some tips that say to use a blow dryer along with the socks in a way to cause the leather to stretch more, since leather stretches under heat.  But with how much the shoes cost, I could not bear the chance of having the leather melt.  I figured I’d rather take the pain if that was the only solution.  

  3. Purchase Dr. Miracle.  Okay really called Dr. Scholl’s, but have you tried his products? Yea, they felt like they had worked a miracle on my feet.  In using the ball of foot cushion,  I was able to feel as if I was walking on clouds.  I mean the heel was still 120mm so definitely a very tall, still painful, soft cloud.  I put the gel type sponge right under the ball of my foot and felt it work its magic.  The gel consistency of the product gives your it a more comforting feeling than the hard sole of the shoe.  I also brought the heel liners.  Since my shoes were just a tad big this gem helped keep the shoe stuck to my foot.  This product line is definitely a product I will be using in the future for other heels.

  4. Wrapping the toes.  I know so dumb, and honestly who was the first experimental person to find this out?  But in taping the third and fourth toe together it is supposed to create a relief of pressure off the nerve that runs between there that causes pain when you wear heels.  Now I forgot my tape in packing (GO FIGURE) but I definitely tried this tip around the house a few times and could definitely feel the difference.
  5. The walk. Okay remember I mentioned your cat walk before?  Well this is where we discuss it.  As many of us know with our 6in stiletto heels you cannot walk the same way you do in let’s say Jordan’s. It just won’t work.  I learned the art of “no heel walking”.  That’s right.  I focused on putting my weight into the ball of my foot and pretending that my heel did not exist.  In this technique you allow yourself to glide across the floor creating a more fluid walk and saving some pain on your feet.

Now I am not saying that these 5 techniques gave me all I needed to live in my Christian Louboutins forever.  That is still not the case.  But I definitely can last longer than I could when they first came out the box. Plus my feet and my calf muscles definitely thank me for the suggestions above.  Any readers have any other tips they want to try?  Because for as beautiful as they are, I’d love to eventually be able to live in my red bottoms for at least half of my life.  And don’t forget to follow BTG on Instagram for exclusive pictures!

Aysia B. 

photocreds: Top Knot Photo Minnesota