It’s true what they say: when you get pregnant everything else gets put on hold. And no I’m not just talking about your school dreams, businesses or travel experiences. I’m talking about all the other little things too. For me, one of those little things was dying my hair. As the seasons changed, so did my hair color.  So when I found out I was pregnant, I was so disappointed I couldn’t get a little dye sesh in before my little guy’s big reveal. Another item on my list of “little to-do’s”, was teeth whitening.  I have wanted to get my teeth whitened for years, so when I got the call from Smile Brilliant asking me to try their at-home teeth whitening, I everything but ran to their store to get my kit.

Why teeth whitening?

After having braces I was so happy with my results and finally having straight teeth! But I was disgusted by the stains left behind on my teeth. Having to have a permanent retainer after the braces made it quite difficult to find whitening products that worked. The bleach in other products would always react with my permanent retainer and leave me with a sensitive feeling. But with Smile Brilliant’s desensitizing product I feel no sensitive reactions after the application of my whitening gel. 
What’s even better? The entire whitening process is so simple! And as a mom of a busy 6-month-old, I need everything in my life to have the word simple embedded in it. The whitening trays are flexible and customized specifically to your teeth. This makes it so much easier to put the whitening gel in my custom-fitted trays, slap them on my teeth and continue to move about with my bouncing baby boy. 

 Here’s how the entire process works: 

1. Create and send in your molds. 

Once you receive your Smile Brilliant Kit, everything you need will be in the original package. Two molding clays, a mold tray, whitening gels, desensitizing gels and instructions.  You simply mold the clay, bite down in it using the mold trays and then ship them in with the pre-addressed envelopes provided. This process though seeming scary, is simple and easy with the directions provided.

2. Receive your trays back!

After just a short wait you receive your trays back and it’s time for the whitening party to get started! 

3. Start Whitening!

With the instructions provided it is so easy to start whitening. You simply brush your teeth with water and dry. You then put a thin strip of the whitening gel along the front of your trays and place them on your teeth. Whiten for 45 min- 3 hours. Remove your trays, brush teeth regularly, floss, and rinse trays. Using your personalized tray again, place a thin strip of the desensitizing gel on the front of each tray. After 15-20 min remove and you’re done! 

4. Repeat as desired!

Typically once a day or once every other day is suggested.
Being that Tate is still not sleeping through the night, I usually place on my whitening trays right after I put him down and then rinse and start the desensitizing process after he wakes up for his 2-hour feed. My frequency of use typically depends on the type of day/ week I’ve had. I try my very hardest to whiten every day because hard work pays off am I right? But if it’s been a tough day with my teething little guy, I will occasionally skip the night and opt to whiten the next one. 

Once Tate goes to sleep, it is officially “mommy time”. Trying to include workouts, shower, laundry, and more is just the short version of my list. What I love most about the Smile Brilliant whitening kit is that I can do all that’s on my list while whitening! It is seriously so convenient. And as all my moms know, the ability to multitask comes with the job description. 

See ya!
Aysia B. 

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My results after about 10-14 uses:


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